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Arcterra Gateway[edit]

Once you exit your ship, drop down to the ground floor and head through the door to Sic Transit.

Sic Transit[edit]

Head out of the hallway into the main area of Sic Transit. After you destroy the hunter/guardians, etc., head straight across to the door sealed with the Orange Force Field. Switch to Magmaul, blast it open and head into Fault Line.

Fault Line[edit]


  • Lore: Alimbic War 09
  • Lore: Seal Sphere 01
  • Object: Shock Barrier

When you step through the door, you will find yourself in a small cave. The cave is crawling with Quadtroids, to make it safely through the cave, kill the Quadtroids long distance with your Missile Launcher.

Fault Line[edit]


  • Bioform: Arctic Spawn
  • Equipment: Imperialist
  • Lore: Alimbic Prophecy 08

When you come out into the next area, an Arctic Spawn will attack you. Use similar tactics against the Arctic Spawn as you did against the Fire Spawn. Take cover behind the slab of rock leaning against the wall, and when the Arctic Spawn dives down into the snow charge a Magmaul shot and wait for it to come back up. Fire the charge shot into the beasts mouth right as it opens to score an amount of damage. Once you have slain the Arctic Spawn, you will be rewarded with the Imperialist. Once with the Imperialist, you can take a practice shot on the Imperialist switch, which will activate a platform to the upper levels. Ignore the platform for now and blast open the door with the Red Force Field. Head into the next room and enter the Frost Labyrinth.

Frost Layrinth[edit]

When you come out into the Frost Labyrinth, make your way through the maze to the upper area. Head through the tunnel and into the small room. Blast the Red Force Field and step out into Sanctorus.



  • Lore: Gorea 03-04
  • Lore: Alimbic War 12
  • Lore: Alimbic War 01
  • Object: Spectral Locks
  • Lore: Alimbic War 06

As soon as you enter Sanctorus head to the left into a small hallway where you will find a UA Expansion. Then head to the right and drop down the ground floor. Take care of the Greater Irthak before it drops to the floor by "magmauling" at it's tail. Switch to your scan visor, scan the computer for information on spectral locks and thoroughly search the room for the three locks. Be sure to scan all five lore entries in the process. Scanning all three locks will make an Imperialist switch open up. When you blast the switch, the Shield Key for the artifact in the room will appear. Grab the Shield Key, then grab the artifact. Upon grabbing the artifact, you will be ambushed by two Guardians. Use the Judiciator or the Imperialist to take the two with headshots. Once the Guardians are dealt with, take the door back to Frost Labyrinth and find your way back to Fault Line.

Fault Line[edit]


  • Lore: Oubliette 01

Take the platform you activated earlier to the upper level of Fault Line and head onto the jump pad. Don't drop down into the next area just yet. Switch to Imperialist and take aim at the two Imperialist switches on the far wall behind you. This will bring down the force field separating the two halves on the area. Now turn and drop into the next area of Fault Line. You will immediately be swarmed by various Psycho Bits. Eliminate the three generators and all Psycho Bits to reveal the Shield Key, which lowers the force field protecting the artifact back in the Quadtroid cave. Before you claim the artifact, scan the computer on the floor, this will deactivate the electric fields protecting the artifact. To exit this area back into the main area of Fault Line, scan and shoot the base off the pillar in the center of the room with a missile. This will send it crashing down, creating a bridge. Once in the main area, drop down and head back into the Quadtroid caves and grab the artifact, Head back into the main area and take the elevator back up to the second level. Activate the portal and save and heal. Once back at Fault Line, use the jump pad to get up to the door opposite the side with the opening that leads into the next area of Fault Line. Walk through the door into Drip Moat. Step onto the platform and you will be carried, unable to move, forward. Be careful through here, you must kill all enemies coming at you or risking being pushed off the platform from their attacks and have to start over. Once on the other side head through the door into the next are. Here you will find a circular room filled with a maze of force fields. You will see a ring of Imperialist switches positioned above the force fields. The objective here is to hit all of the switches. This area requires time and patience, you will have to find precise spots to take out the Imperialist switches. Once you hit all of the switches, an elevator will activate in the center of the room. Take the elevator down into Subterranean.



  • Object: Lift Control
  • Lore: Alimbic War 04
  • Lore: Alimbic War 11
  • Lore: Alimbic War 05
  • Bioform: Alimbic Turret v2.7

At the bottom of the elevator, a missile expansion will be in plain view. Grab it and head into the tiny ice passage. When you exit on the other end, an Alimbic Turret will attack. Destroy it and grab the revealed Shield Key. Head the other way to find the Cartograph Artifact. Head back into the main passage and take the elevator back up. The minute you start away from the elevator, the force fields will deactivate and you will be attacked by a horde of Guardians. Equip the Imperialist or Judiciator and aim for headshots. With the Guardians taken care of, head back through Drip Moat. When the platform stops, you will notice a UA Expansion hovering below. Drop down to grab the expansion and use the jump pad to get back up. Once out in Fault Line, head back into the pillar area and take the Stronghold Portal to the Stronghold Void.

Stronghold Void[edit]


  • Cretaphid v4

Boss: Cretaphid v4[edit]

The battle is the same as the last Cretaphid battle, except for one twist. Now the Cretaphid moves around the room, making for increased difficulty in defeating this boss. It still shoots with the three lasers, but the lights on it stay blue for a shorter period of time. So you must aim accurately and quickly.