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Alinos Gateway[edit]

Once you exit your ship, go find a staircase on a platform left of the platform with a door. Go up the staircase until you can't go any further. Go into morph ball and bomb jump up to a missile expansion. Then go to the portal to High Ground.

High Ground[edit]


  • Object: Thermal Regulator
  • Lore: History 02
  • Lore: Alimbic Prophecy 06

Search around the area below High Ground until you find the Morph Ball tunnel sized Purple Force Field. Blast it open, switch to Morph Ball and roll into the Magma Chute. Make your way through the maze while collecting Energy to keep your health up. At the end, use a double Morph Ball Bomb jump to reach a UA Expansion on a ledge high above. Once you grab the UA Expansion, use a bomb jump to propel yourself up and out of the Magma Chute. Once you are out, head to the upper area of High Ground. Use the Judiciator to blast open the purple force field behind where you found an Alimbic artifact on your previous visit to Alinos. Make your way up the hallway, ignoring the door to the left, and destroy the Alimbic Turret on the ceiling. Head onto the balcony area, watch your step for the gaping hole in the floor, and switch to the scan visor. Scan the switch to activate a moving platform. Ride the platform across to the other side of High Ground. Scan the lore above the door and jump across the small chasm to the door that leads to the Alimbic Garden.

Alimbic Garden[edit]


  • Bioform: Red-Barbed War Wasp
  • Lore: Gorea 01-02
  • Lore: Alimbic War 02
  • Object: Alimbic Garden

As soon as you come out into the Alimbic Garden, watch out for the Blastcap. Once that's out of the way, scan and kill the Red-Barbed War Wasp. After you take out all of the enemies in this room, scan the two lores on the ledges to the left and the right. Drop down to the lower area and scan the lore and Alimbic Garden object. Once everything is scanned, head through the door opposite the one you entered to Thermal Vast.

Thermal Vast[edit]


  • Bioform: Psycho Bit v3.0

You will come out of the Morph Ball tunnel to see a field of lava with varies platforms and rocks jutting out of the lava.Take the platform straight in front of you out over the lava. You will then see a platform moving from the left to the right. It takes a little time and patience to hop onto that platform. The platform then either takes you to the left or the right, it works either way, to meet another moving platform. Hop onto that platform and it will take you to a Morph Ball tunnel. Roll into Morph Ball and take the tunnel to it's end. Roll onto the jump pad and it will bring you out onto a platform within the blocked section of the room. You will immediately be attacked by Psycho Bit v3.0s. Scan one, take out the generator, and then the Psycho Bits themselves. Proceed up the precarious path to the ledge on the back wall of the room. Roll into Morph Ball and head into the Morph Ball tunnel to Alinos Perch.

Alinos Perch[edit]

Three Guardians will attack you when come out into Alinos Perch. Make easy business of them with the Judiciator. Once the Guardians are taken are of, head into the door that was to your left when you entered Alinos Perch.

Council Chamber[edit]


  • Object: Glyph Pattern
  • Object: Wall Scroll
  • Object: Council Chamber
  • Bioform: Fire Spawn
  • Equipment: Magmaul
  • Object: Orange Force Field

The Fire Spawn appears as soon as you pass through the vision barrier into Council Chamber. The Fire Spawn will attack by hurling handfuls of lava at you. As soon as the Fire Spawn appears, move to the left behind the barrier to protect yourself from it's attacks. After a few attacks, the Fire Spawn will dive back down into the lava. At this point, move back out and prepare a charge shot from the Judiciator. When the Fire Spawn resurfaces, release the shot straight into it's mouth. Repeat the process until you defeat the Fire Spawn. Once the Fire Spawn has been defeated, the Magmaul will appear on top of the barrier you used for protection in the battle. Go up the ramp, jump over and grab the Magmaul. Use the Magmaul to destroy the Force Field located at the top of the ramp. Go to the end of the cramped hallway to find your sixth energy tank. Head back out into the Council Chamber and exit back out to Alinos Perch.

Alinos Perch[edit]


  • Bioform: Magma Voldrum
  • Object: Ceremonial Charms

To gain access to the Cartograph Artifact, you will need to activate a series of jump pads spread throughout Alinos Perch. The first switch is located on the back of a short pillar in the middle of the room. The second switch is located halfway up a ramp at the far end of the room. To reach the third switch, head up the ramp to the upper area of the room. When you get to the top of the ramp, you will be attacked by some Magma Voldrums and an Alimbic Turret. Scan one of the Magma Voldrums, take out the Alimbic Turret, and then destroy the generators and the Voldrums themselves. To get to switch number three, destroy the Orange Force Field that was visible when you first came up the ramp. Inside you will find a Missile Expansion to the left and the third switch, guarded by Psycho Bits, to the right. Exit the small area back into the main area of Alinos Perch. Jump onto the column off to the right, and the jump pad will send you onto a ledge where a security computer waits you. Scan the computer to unseal the door to your destination. After scanning the computer, jump off the ledge onto the levitating platform below. The jump pad will send you onto another which in turn will send you to the door you unlocked on the ledge.

Crash Site[edit]


  • Object: Structural Debris
  • Lore: Alimbic Pride 03

When you enter this room, you will see the Cartograph artifact sealed behind a force field. Jump up the rubble and debris to grab the Shield Key to bring down the force field. Grab the artifact and head back out into Alinos Perch.

Alinos Perch[edit]

Take the door back into Council Chamber

Council Chamber[edit]


  • Lore: Alimbic War 03
  • Lore: Gorea 05
  • Lore: Alimbic War 07
  • Lore: Alimbic Pride 04
  • Bioform: Ice Voldrum

Back in Council Chamber blast open the Orange Force Field down on the lower level. Prepare yourself for a Guardian fight. Immediately after you blast open the force field the Guardian will attack you. Once the Guardian is defeated, activate your scan visor and follow the path to the right. As you move down the path, scan whatever lores you encounter. Once at the paths end, scan the security computer and any lores in the room and head back out to the central area.Now that the force field is deactivated, go to your left and onto the jump pad. The jump pad will bring you up to the upper area of the Council Chamber. When you come out into the large round room, generators will activate and begin spitting out Magma Voldrums and Ice Voldrums. As always, destroy the generators first. Scan and take out the Ice Voldrums with the Magmaul. Then take out the Magma Voldrums with the Judiciator. Once you clear the round room, the force field blocking the alcove holding a portal back to your ship will lower. Before heading back to your ship to save and heal, scan the security computer in the next small room. This will deactivate the force field on the floor. Take care of the Petraysels and jump into the pit. In the pit, shoot a switch to activate a jump pad. The jump pad will bring you up to meet the Attameter Artifact. Once you have grabbed the artifact, take the portal back to your ship to save and heal. Return to the round room and head through the door to the Processor Core.

Processor Core[edit]


  • Object: Back-up Processor
  • Object: Lava Processor 01-02
  • Lore: Alimbic Pride 02

Once you have entered the Processor core, jump down to the lower level and get all of the scans. Use the jump pad to get back up. Once back on the upper levels, grab the UA Expansion to the left and jump onto the catwalk. Scan the lore on he catwalk, and jump onto the pillar with the blue crystals. On the pillar with the blue crystals, take the elevator down. At the bottom, roll into Morph Ball and roll into the Morph Ball tunnel. This Morph Ball maze is just about the most difficult in the game, Roll along the narrow path, be wary of the pistons, if hit by one they will knock you off the path into the lava. Once you reach the end, roll into the Morph Ball tunnel. You will come out to another section of the maze. The pistons now slam into each other. You can simply roll through the first two pistons, the next two require a speed boost to make it safely through each of them. After that, you will enter the third and final section of the maze. At the mazes end, you will find the last artifact there waiting for you. With bomb jumps, make your way up the stairs to the shield key. Drop down, take the artifact and make your way back up to the Morph Ball tunnel. At the end of the tunnel, you drop back down into the Processor Core. Head back out to the portal, save and heal, and return to Processor Core. Once back in Processor Core, drop down and take the portal to the Stronghold Void.

Stronghold Void[edit]


  • Cretaphid v3

Boss: Cretaphid v3[edit]

The battle is the same as the last two Cretaphid battles, except for one twist. Now instead of just firing lasers or green blobs, it fires both, making for increased difficulty in defeating this boss.