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After doing the Break the Siege quest, Maze will warn you of Assassins hired to kill you. There are 5 in total, they always appear in the same areas.

These Assassins all drop different items, they do come back to the original areas so you can kill them more than once. The rewards for each Assassin may vary.

Assassin Attack 1[edit]

The first one occurs at Witchwood Cullis gate, teleport there, follow the path from the Cullis Gate until you get to the top of the mini-map where there is a path that goes down, follow it to the big stone and the first Assassin will spawn back on the path you just came from.

Killing this Assassin rewards you with:

  • 1 x Doll of You

Assassin Attack 2[edit]

Next up is Knothole Glade, that little path on the right, before the bridge leaving Knothole Glade, an Assassin will come from there. Just wander across the bridge and he should appear.

Killing this Assassin rewards you with:

  • 1 x Health Potion

Assassin Attack 3[edit]

In Windmill Hill you need to head up to the windmill, clear all the bandits, and head up top and around front as far as you can walk (so that you are overlooking the entrance to the next area). As soon as you turn around and walk back where you came from, the assassin will appear.

Killing this Assassin will reward you with
book Eyes of a Killer

Assassin Attack 4[edit]

On Prison Path. The assassin will appear almost as soon as you've entered the area.

Killing this Assassin rewards you with

100 gold coins.

Assassin Attack 5[edit]

In Hook Coast there is a bell, in the upper right part of the town. To get to the upper level of the town, go towards the tavern and take the stairs on the right. When you approach the bell you will be attacked.

Killing this Assassin rewards you with
1 x Jet


Once you've killed all 5 assassins the guild master will send you a reward and the quest will be complete.

Beating this quest earns you
Treasure Clue #3