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Near the entrance to the dining hall is a black cloaked man, he wants you to kill the Sparrows that are all over the guild. Each one you kill earns you 5 gold and you will get an extra 20 gold for killing them all.

  1. To the left of the man who gave you the quest, on the roof.
  2. To the far right, on the same roof is another.
  3. Across the bridge to the slave quarters, on the second entrance roof is one.
  4. On the turn before Maze's tower, is one sitting on top of the little tree.
  5. On the cross structure in the courtyard between the guild and Maze's tower, there is one sitting on the right structure.
  6. In the courtyard on the roof right behind the statue and the fountain is another.
  7. In the courtyard on the roof to the right of the guy who you can race, is the last one.
Killing all 7 and then talking to the guy earns you
55 gold