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Go to the guild and take the quest card, boast and then head to Oakvale.

On the main beach is a little cave to "The Clifftop Path" enter it and you'll be on the quest.

You need to sneak past the bandit's without being seen. BUT, if you have a good enough bow and your accuracy is high enough, you can just one hit kill each of the bandits and not have to worry about sneaking past them.

But, if you do have to sneak past them, use the right thumbstick click to blow up your mini-map to know their locations and just play slowly.

Stand by the big rock hidden from the first bandit, watch for when the second bandit moves down into the big open area, when he does this, the first bandit should still have his back turned to the road. Run right to where the second bandit was, when you see the bandit, keep him on the other side of the rocks in the middle, just walk around these until you can sneak past the third bandit, remember to always keep the second bandit on the other side of objects so he can't see you.

This can be tricky, and very annoying, but you have to do it if you can't one hit kill the bandits with your bow.

Once through the gate you will be in the Abandoned Road. Here you will need to find the 5 pieces of the bandit outfit to continue.

Go along the path killing the bandits as you go (if you chose kill no bandits, just run). At the first bend you will find the first chest.

Inside the chest you will find
1 x Bandit Boots

Go up the hill and fight some more bandits. On the right by the base of the watch tower is another chest.

Inside the chest you will find
1 x Bandit Shirt

Turn around and go to the set of stairs, climb up and go right, you will find a group of bandits by a fire, the third chest is also there.

Inside the chest you will find
1 x Bandit Trousers

Turn around and go up the stairs on your right, follow the path and on you right you will find the fourth chest.

Inside the chest you will find
1 x Bandit Bandana

Continue on the path for a bit on your left you will find the last chest.

Inside the chest you will find
1 x Bandit Gloves

Put on the entire outfit and continue along the path. You will find the entrance to Twinblade's Camp. Go past the Cullis Gate and talk to the bandit while wearing the complete bandit outfit. Once the gate is open you can change back into what ever you want.

Go down the path, don't worry about these bandits, they won't attack you unless you attack them first.

To get through the next gate you have to get a Camp Pass. There are a few ways you can get it.

  1. Buy it from the bandit who is the middle of the 3 green objective markers on the lower left of your mini-map. It costs 1000 gold, but you can kill the bandit after you buy it and get your 1000 gold back. You could also kill the guy and get it for free.
  2. You can play the Memory mini-game to win it for free. If you need

help with this mini-game go to [SP].

  1. Kill the memory game guy and he will drop the camp pass.
  2. Kill the bandit who would normally sell the camp pass to you.

With the pass in hand, go through the gate into Twinblade Elite's Camp.

Here there is a guard who won't let you enter the Twinblade's Tent area, so we have to find a way through. There are two ways of doing this.

  1. Using your mini map, see the far left green objective markers, one is moving to and from the other marker. If you got there, you will find two women trapped in a cage. Kill the guard to get the key and then free the women who will create a deversion that will gain you entry into Twinblade's Tent.
  2. The three green objective markers on the bottom middle/right of your mini-map, talk to the Assassin leader and pay him 2000 gold for them to cause a diversion that will gain you entry to Twinblade's Tent.

Enter Twinblade's Tent area.

You will be thrown into a fight with the giant Twinblade.

Twinblade is very easy to beat, when you know how. If you think he is invulnerable, just wait until he slams his swords into the ground and gets them stuck. Run behind him and hit his back. That is how you kill him.

While he is not stuck in the ground, have your weapon put away and hold Y button while locked onto him, and just keep rolling until he sticks his weapons in the ground, get behind him, draw your weapon and hit him. Assassin rush works very well here. Blocking his attacks does nothing.

Keep doing that until he's beaten. After the cutscene, you will be given the choice to kill Twinblade, which means you have to fight all the other bandits as well (just in this location) or walk away and let him live.

  • GOOD = let him live
  • EVIL = kill him

Either way brings the same result: the quest is beaten once you leave the area.

Beating this quest earns you
10,000 experience (from your sister)
4500 gold
1000 renown
1 x Bandit Seal