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Silver keys are found all over Albion, there are 25 to be found, even though the most you need is 20. The reason for this is not everyone will play the game the same way, some people may miss a key or two, or be unable to get a couple keys because they didn't take a certain quest. So there are a few extra, which makes our job of opening the Silver Key chests that much easier. The chest with the most silver keys requires 30. At the place where you first arrive at the Northern wastes look around and at the Necropolis there's a 25 key chest.

Silver Key #1 - Lookout Point[edit]

Leave the Heroes' Guild by exiting the front door at the map room, this will take you to Lookout Point.

At the top of the hill at Lookout point, on the left side before the statue, are a couple of vines that can be cut down with your sword. Cut them down to reveal a path to the Silver Key.

Silver Key #2 - Bowerstone South[edit]

Go to the clothing shop, its the first building on the left when you enter Bowerstone South, go up the stairs on the right and out on the balcony to find the Silver Key.

Silver Key #3 - Fisher Creek[edit]

See Fishing Location 04 - Fisher Creek.

Silver Key #4 - Guild Woods[edit]

See Fishing Location 07 - Guild Woods.

Silver Key #5 - Greatwood Lake[edit]

From the entrance of Greatwood lake, follow the path up the hill on the right hand side to find the Silver Key.

Silver Key #6 - Orchard Farm[edit]

See Fishing Location 10 - Orchard Farm.

Silver Key #7 - Darkwood Lake[edit]

At Darkwood Lake, go to the exit leading to Darkwood Camp, on the "Trader Escort" quest, they commented on a stone. It is the large, glowing stone standing up to the right of the exit. If you shoot the little hole at the top with your bow you will get the Silver Key.

Silver Key #8 - Ancient Cullis Gate[edit]

See Fishing Location 12 - Ancient Cullis Gate.

Silver Key #9 - Rose Cottage[edit]

See Digging Location 05 - Rose Cottage.

Silver Key #10 - Focus Chamber[edit]

See Digging Location 06 - Focus Chamber.

Silver Key #11 - Grey House[edit]

See Fishing Location 15 - Grey House.

Silver Key #12 - Memorial Garden[edit]

See Digging Location 09 - Memorial Garden.

Silver Key #13 - Twinblade's Camp[edit]

Dig within a ring of flowers to get the key. The key is by the chest on the left of the guy who does the guessing game (you have to cross through the water).

Silver Key #14 - Witchwood Stones[edit]

Fish for the key in the small pond directly across from Demon door.

Silver Key #15 - Witchwood Lake[edit]

Just past the entrance from the Temple of Avo, there is a red-lighted statue of a demon. Dig below this for a silver key.

Silver Key #16 - Knothole Glade[edit]

On the back left side of the home for sale in Knothole Glade, there is a ring of plants; Dig there for the key.

Silver Key #17 - Headman's Hill[edit]

While you're fighting Thunder for Lady Gray's hand in marriage, he shoves you off the top of headman's Hill. After battling him at the bottom of the hill, he goes inside a cave for the final battle. Before the final battle, take a rest and go fishing in the small pond outside the cave entrance for the key. (ONLY on [MI] quest!)

Silver Key #18 - Lady Grey's Bedroom[edit]

Search the bed for the key.

To get this without marrying her, you must be completely good and not taking any of her quests and helping out the prisoner(This does of course mean you cannot get the key from fighting thunder though).After you do the prisoner quest the guard will ask you if you want to be mayor and viola you're in!

Silver Key #19 - Windmill Hill[edit]

In the garden of the first building on the left, there is a ring of flowers. Dig here for the key.

Silver Key #20 - Windmill Hill[edit]

Behind the windmill, dig in the ring of flowers for the key.

Silver Key #21 - Lychfield Graveyard[edit]

Fish in the stream just inside the graveyard gate.

With any of the keys in the graveyard. If you get all the keys and then leave the quest, you keep the keys. You can then go back into the quest and the keys will be there again. This is pretty much true for any quest and any items gotten in the quest.

Silver Key #22 - Lychfield Graveyard[edit]

This one can be digged up some graves next to the tomb you can get the other key.

Silver Key #23 - Lychfield Graveyard[edit]

Found in the sarcophagus in the crypt on south of the map.

Silver Key #24 - Cliffside Path[edit]

See Digging Location 12 - Cliffside Path.

Silver Key #25 - Hook Coast[edit]

The lighthouse on the lower right part of the mini-map of Hook Coast is locked and empty so you have to break down the door to get in. This does give you 5 EVIL points, but you have to knock the door down later anyway so you don't need to worry about it.

Anyway, as soon as you enter the lighthouse there is a cabinet on the left. Search it to find the last Silver Key.

Silver Key #26 - Bowerstone South[edit]

You get this key for completing the Book Collection Quest

Silver Key #27 - Fisher Creek[edit]

You get this key for completing the Fishing Competition Quest

Silver Key #28 - Oakvale[edit]

You get this Key for completing the Chicken Kicking Competition Quest - You must get in between 150 - 249 to get this key (If you get over you will NOT get this key)

Silver Key #29 - Lost Bay[edit]

Dig in the grave of the Bayhouse Keepers near the western shore

Silver Key #30 - Necropolis[edit]

Fish at the ripple near the Demon Door

Silver Key Chests[edit]

These chests can be opened by owning the correct number of silver keys. Note that silver keys do not get used up when you open a chest; this means you can open all the chests with the same 20 keys. Silver key chests contain some serious loot and it is worth your while to open them all.

Silver Key Chest #1 - Greatwood Lake (5 Keys)[edit]

This chest is on the left side of the first island after the bridge coming from Greatwood Entrance.

Silver Key Chest #1
1 x Elixir of Life

Silver Key Chest #2 - Hobbe Cave (5 Keys)[edit]

Go to the Hobbe Cave. From the Entrance go down the stairs, ignore the first door and go left, enter the door on your left. The chest is at the back of the room.

Silver Key Chest #2
1 x Will Master's Elixer

Silver Key Chest #3 - Grey House (10 Keys)[edit]

Inside the house in the Grey House area, on the 2nd floor is the chest.

Silver Key Chest #3
1 x Sharpening Augmentation

Silver Key Chest #10 - Hook Coast (15 Keys)[edit]

The light house on the lower right part of the mini-map of Hook Coast is locked and empty, so you have to break down the door to get in, which does give you 5 EVIL points (unless you know the lock-pick expression, when you have a level 6 guile), but you have to knock the door down later anyway, so you don't need to worry about it.

Anyway, once you enter the light house go up the stairs, then go up the next set of stairs and you will find the last Silver Key Chest.

Silver Key Chest #10
1 x The Murren Greataxe


Greatwood Lake 5 keys Elixir of Life
Cave Larder 5 keys Will Master's Elixir
Grey House 10 Keys Sharpening Augmentation
Demon Door #7 15 Keys Health Augmentation
Darkwood Lake 15 keys Arken's Crossbow
ONLY ON [MI] QUEST 15 Keys Mana Augmentation
Lady Grey's Bedroom 15 Keys The Katana Hiryu
Heroes' Guild 20 keys The Murren Greathammer
Circle of the Dead 10 Keys Piercing Augmentation
Hook Coast 15 Keys The Murren Greataxe
Necropolis 25 Keys Archon's Battle Armour
The Lost Bay 30 Keys The Avenger, 1 of each gem