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Xbox PC Default Mode Magic Mode (Hold RT button/LShift)
Neutral lstick WASD Movement Movement
L button PC Mouse Right Click.png Zoom bow Zoom bow
Neutral dpad F1F2F3G Items and Expressions Favourites
Neutral rstick PC Mouse.png Camera Camera
R button M Zoom mini-map Zoom mini-map
Back button Esc Inventory Inventory
N/A F4 Open Items screen Open Items screen
N/A F5 Open Weapons screen Open Weapons screen
N/A F7 Open Clothing screen Open Clothing screen
Start button Esc Pause Screen Pause Screen
X button PC Mouse Left Click.png Attack Cast Spell
Y button PC Mouse Middle Click.png Block Cycle Spells
L button Caps Lock Sneak (hold on Xbox, toggle on PC) Sneak (hold on Xbox, toggle on PC)
A button Tab Interact Cast Spell
B button PC Mouse Right Click.png Run/Flourish Cast Spell
White button Q Arm/Sheathe Melee Weapon Arm/Sheathe Melee Weapon
Black button E Arm/Sheathe Ranged Weapon Arm/Sheathe Ranged Weapon
LT button Space Target Lock-On Target Lock-On
RT button LShift Hold for Magic/Collect Experience Orbs Hold for Magic
N/A 1-9 Hotbar items Hotbar items