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While exploring Bowerstone South a little girl will walk up to you ask you to follow her. Go ahead and do it. Her mother will tell about her son's catatonic state and will ask you to talk to the witch in Bowerstone Quay. The witch will tell you that she needs 4 Blue Mushrooms to make a cure. Here are their locations:

  • Guild Woods. Either kill the man or deliver his letter to Myra of Oakvale. She'll give you a letter to take to him. Do so and he'll give you the mushroom. You can also claim the first letter as your own.
  • Heroes Guild. Use a fishing rod on the ripples near the Demon Door.
  • Picnic Area. Either kill the woman or use expressions to invoke a sickening laugh from her. And the mushroom.
  • Barrow Fields. Either buy the mushroom for 1000 gold or snatch it from the table. If you steal it, the owner will call the guards.

Give the mushrooms to the witch and she'll "find" a cure that she had lying around. Give the cure to the mother.

Quest Reward

  • 2000 Gold