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With Maze dead, teleport to the Heroes' Guild. The guild master will give you a little speech and then give you the quest card, walk onto the cullis gate right behind the guild master to begin the quest.

Just incase you never met her before in the game, the hero talking to you right away is Briar Rose, you can get a hero doll of her... she is one of the other heroes the guild has pumped out... anyway, after the cutscene you're in for a world of badies.

You absolutely do not have to rush in any way, you can not stop Jack of Blades here. So take your time, kill some skeletons and minions... or some aprentices and guards if thats your thing.

When you've had your fill of death at this location, go up the path to the focus stone. You'll be thrown into a cutscene and brought to Orchard Farm automatically.

Once there, again you can take your time and kill some more badies, you can't stop Jack of Blades yet, no matter how fast you are. When you're ready, take the middle left exit on your mini-map to go to Greatwood Lake where the next focus stone is. Kill some more badies and then approach the stone to end this scene and start the next.

Again, after the cutscene you'll be taken to the next area automatically again. In case you haven't figured it out yet, you can't stop Jack of Blades, so just take your time again on your way to the next stone.

So, inside the Hobbe Cave again, go down the stairs and follow the linear path to the end where the door to the Main Chamber is, enter it and again take your time, relax, kill some guys, move on to the next area, the Moonlit Tunnel.

Here you will meet our old friend Thunder, if you didn't do the Mayor's Invitation quest, I'll tell you right now, be glad the fate of the world isn't in that quys hands! Anyway kill and walk to the end of this linear path as well, in the Focus Chamber just go down the stairs to find Jack of Blades and enter another cutscene and go to the next area.

You'll be at Bowerstone Jail, so go up the path to Windmill Hill, killing what ever you wish on the way... still no rush. Again, just go through this area killing what ever, when you're ready, enter Gibbet woods.

Go along the path until it splits, take the path on the right, again killing what ever you want and taking as long as you want, Jack is patiently waiting for you and you simply can't stop him. So, when you're ready approach the focus stone to complete this quest.

Beating this quest earns you
5500 gold
1000 renown