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You're given this card right away after escaping from Bargat Prison, so when you are ready just teleport to Barrow Fields. Enter Darkwood Weir and cross through that area and enter the Ancient Cullis Gate area to begin the quest.

Head to the quest marker on the mini-map by following the linear path.

Once there, just kill around ten undead to activate the cullis gate, the number may be more, or it may be less, the satisfaction bar on the right goes down at a slow rate when you're not killing undead.

You'll automatically be taken to Hook Coast when you've killed enough undead.

Take the path down the hill from the cullis gate and head to the stairs, at the bottom of the stairs head right. Just follow the path until you find a set of stairs to the left of the last building on your right, go up these stairs. Just keep going straight from the top of the stairs until you enter a cutscene.

Teleport to the Heroes' Guild, you'll get a message from your mother... head to Maze's town by following the red carpet down into the bar area, then up the stairs on the right, from the top of the stairs turn right, enter the tower straight ahead and turn right again to find another set of stairs.

After the cutscene grab the book off the table on your left to complete this quest.

Beating this quest earns you
1 x Arban's Thaumaturgica
4200 gold
500 renown