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Once you're ready to move on, go to the map room and take the Quest Card "Wasp Menace". The 3 faded quest cards are dummy quests, as in they are not actually possible to get.

You're not actually on the quest until you see the quest started screen, which will show the money, renown, boasts, etc. for the quest.

Enter Lookout Point, you'll be approached by a guy who tells you about the wasps, follow him to the picnic area. You'll see your enemy and the quest will begin.

Kill the wasps to complete the quest

  • GOOD - don't let any villagers die.
  • EVIL - kill the villagers yourself.

Once the wasps are dead, a very big wasp will appear, kill it.

Beating this quest earns you
500 gold
200 renown
1 x Wasp Queen's Head