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You are still on the Core Quest "Guild Training" when Whisper gets you out of bed again, go back to the melee ring by going out the door and follow the red carpet down the stairs to the map room, and you know the way from there. Talk to the guildmaster to get your first sword.

Hit whisper 7 times to move on. Then you will need to block by holding Y button, just hold it and let whisper hit you 5 times. You can hit her with flourish attacks to earn extra strength experience.

Now you will face off with whisper in a full out battle, she is easy, just roll and get behind her where you can get in 4-6 hits. After 7 hits you will win.

When you're done with melee training, go to the archery ring, which is just up on the mini-map from the melee ring. Talk to the guild master, you will get your first bow. You can talk to the guild master before he gets to the archery ring.

Hit each of the stationary targets, then you will need to hit moving targets. An excellent score is 150 or more, for reasons I will keep secret for now, score 150-160 points, this can be done by hitting the middle dummy with full power shots and still have plenty of time to spare.

When you are done with the archery training, go to the Will training area, which if you didn't do the race yet, is the island before the demon door, the lowest part of the guild map. Go straight down to find a bridge and cross it to talk to the guild master. You can talk to the guild master before he gets to the will training area.

Hit one dummy with lightning to please the guild master, who will then let you hit as many as you can in 30 seconds, an excellent score is 11 or more.

Now, you can move on in the story or you can stay and do a few more things like before when you are done, talk to the guild master (he will be in the map room) when you are ready to move on to part 4. If you didn't do Racing the Loud Mouth or Red Apples before, you can still do it.