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While in your cell, wait and listen. Eventually a guard will come to take you out to take part in a race. Beating this quest earns you:

  • 1 x Kraken Tooth

The race[edit]

Start by holding B button to run straight at the guard. (Since you have unlimited stamina, running is a good tactic.)

At the guard, turn right and follow the wall. You will come to another guard. Look for the stairs on the left against the wall. Climb them and there will be another guard and another set of stairs on the right. Go up those too. Climb the next set of stairs which are straight ahead.

Go up the stairs and there will be a guard – turn left. You'll enter a corner, so go left again, then straight to the next corner, where there is another guard, and you turn left again.

Go straight, past the next two guards, and then you will come to another corner with a guard where you should turn left. After turning left, go straight past another guard, into the final corner with the final guard and make another left turn. Straight ahead is the warden. If you're the first one there, you win.

Get the key[edit]

After the cut scene, you will be in his office. You need to get the key out of one of the books on the table in front of you to your right. To open them you need the code off the wall on the other side of the middle bookshelves. In order to do that, you have to sneak behind the warden. To sneak, hold Down lstick while you move, which makes you tip-toe. Even though you're sneaking, the "noise bar" will still go up, just slower. Don't let it get to the end, or else the guard will kick you out and you have to go through another year at the prison.

Sneak around the middle bookshelves, past the warden, to the bulletin board on the wall. There is a piece of paper designated with a glowing marker; examine it to learn the code to open the books. You don't need to memorize it, it is used automatically by the character.

Sneak back to the books. Examine one of the books. You won't be able to get the key on the first try; it is either randomly placed or restricted.

You will spend another entire year in the prison, complete with character aging and hair growth. You will then have to repeat the race to get back to the warden's office to search for the key. Search a book other than the one you previously searched to obtain the key. It doesn't matter which one, you will automatically get it no matter which book you choose.


Once you have the key, you will be brought back to your cell. You can open your door with the key and make your escape.

  • GOOD: Release the other prisoners and they will help you.
  • EVIL: Kill the other prisoners and do the escape on your own.

Leave the cell block. Once in the courtyard, there will be a red dot (a guard) outside. The alarm will go off and you can either beat him with your stick until he dies (which takes a long time) or you can run away as fast as you can up the stairs you ran up during the race. Run past the guards up there, trying to dodge their shots and go into the room beside the other stairs. Inside this room, there are multiple chests in between the beds (these chests all contain pieces of the guard suit) and at the far back is a chest under the light, which has your missing belongings.

Once you have your stuff re-equipped, head back to the courtyard. Go back down the stairs, take the door into the Torture Chamber and rescue your mother again. Now, enter the Underground Passage. You'll need to keep your mother alive, so if you don't have heal, use your best spells and attacks and kill the guards fast. Don't bother exploring, just get out of there. You can also tell your mother to wait, then kill the enemies ahead and come back for her. You can also just run right through everything and get out the next door without having to fight.

Go down the stairs and you will encounter some guards; kill them while protecting your mother. When they are dead, go down the stairs into the room that forks out and go left, up the stairs and out the door. Here, take the upper path on your right and follow it until you get to the exit in the Underground Tunnel. Follow the path until you hit the room that forks out, take the left door and follow the path up the stairs and out the door.

In this once empty room, you will find yourself locked in with some giant swinging tentacles. I've seen people ask for help on this almost as much as the White Balverine, so, here is how to do it.

Pond beast
There is a secret while trying to kill the beast. You go right up against the wall, looking towards the pond-thing in the middle. The tentacles will come to you and slam down right in front of you, giving you a chance to hit them, but they won't hit you. Make sure you're right against the wall. Once you kill all the tentacles, its head will come up. Once again, stay against the wall and his green-mist stuff won't hit you. While he's blowing it at you, get your bow out and hit his face with it. His head will go down and his tentacles will come up again. Repeat the process, and he will die.