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Take the quest card, boast, go to Bowerstone South.

At Bowerstone South, you can now go to Bowerstone North, so go towards the tavern, but right before you get there you will see a large set of stairs, go up and you will find the entrance to Bowerstone North.

Go left of the middle building and out the door to Bowerstone Jail. The quest will begin here.

Go up the hill to the next area, the Windmill Hill. Follow the main path there up the hill until you hit the red barrier, turn right and you will find the Summoner to the right of the windmill, kill him to lower the barrier to Gibbet Woods and enter the area.

Now, follow the path until you come to the split in the road, kill the Rock Troll and go right, follow the path until you hit the Prison Path.

Here you will have to get to the Archaeologist within the 5 minute time limit, but you will also have to kill all the Minions on your way. So, rather than running to the dock, go down the path slowly, kill all the Minions you encounter, because if you ran to the dock, you would then have to fight a dozen or more minions at once.

Once all the minions are dead and you've rescued the Archaeologist he will tell you about an ancient path to the prison, and the quest is finished.

Beating this quest earns you:

  • 1 x Minion's Helmet
  • 7000 gold
  • 500 renown