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Inside the servant quarters you will find a woman standing beside a cabinet, at this point she is not highlighted green, (she is if you do this quest later though) she needs 4 Red Apples to bake a pie for the guild master, agree to help her.

  1. To get the first, exit the slave quarters and turn left, follow the path past the first bridge, when you get to the second bridge, you can see it between the path and the big rock on the right.
  2. Keep going straight to the 3rd bridge that goes to the demon door, in the tall grass just past the practice dummies, is the second.
  3. A little to the left is a big silver chest, to the right of it is the next apple.
  4. Go to the melee ring, on the hill to the left is the fourth.
  5. Towards the guild woods to the right of the fourth, is the fifth.
  6. Go left, towards the guild woods, by the flowers is the sixth.
  7. To the left from the sixth is the last one in front of the tree.

When you have four or more, go speak to the woman to get your reward.

For helping her she gives you
1 x Blueberry Pie