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You can have blue tattoos somewhat like Maze's, by having and using a lot of magic.

Attack Spells[edit]

To max all these abilities you will need 381,090 experience points.


Level Experience Needed
1 3500
2 8100
3 22,000
4 58,000
TOTAL 91,600

This spell is one of the strongest in the game. It is easy to use and causes an incredibly high amount of damage to a large area. It also can knock enemies to the ground.

The spell Force push is similar though notably weaker and less expensive.


Level Experience Needed
1 500
2 4500
3 17,800
4 54,000
TOTAL 76,800

This spell is one of the cooler attack spells, but because of the delay to charge it up and cast, it is difficult to use as a primary spell. Although at the mastered level it deals very good damage, getting it there is hard.

Battle Charge[edit]

Level Experience Needed
1 750
2 5400
3 17,500
4 52,000
TOTAL 75,650

This is a melee style attack where you just charge through enemies using your body as a weapon. At level 1 early in the game it is as good as the mastered version at the end of the game.

Multi Strike[edit]

Level Experience Needed
1 1200
2 4680
3 15,700
4 43,500
TOTAL 65,080

This is a melee user's attack. You use it and your next attack will hit multiple times based on the skill level. Each hit deals less damage than a normal single attack would do, but the total damage becomes much greater than a normal attack. If you get good at using this skill before every melee attack you can maximize the damage of your weapon.


Level Experience Needed
1 0
2 5760
3 18,200
4 48,000
TOTAL 71,960

All characters start with this skill at level 1 thanks to the guild. Once mastered this spell can hit multiple targets and keep them shocked an immobile. The spell’s damage is not as high as other attack spells because of this added effect. At the mastered level it also decapitates bandits with ease.

Surround Spells[edit]

To max all these abilities you need 340,110 experience points.

Force push[edit]

Level Experience Needed
1 600
2 3600
3 12,600
4 40,000
TOTAL 56,800

Force push knocks down everything within the targeted area and causes a small amount of damage. As this spell goes up in levels the area it covers becomes larger. The size of this spell’s influence is huge once mastered.

Be careful using this spell. It will also harm friendly and neutral NPCs if they are caught within its range.

The spell Enflame is similar though notably stronger and more expensive.


Level Experience Needed
1 3200
2 6500
3 16,000
4 45,000
TOTAL 70,700

This spell can turn your enemies against their allies and be used in battle. The enemies that can be taken over by the Turncoat spell is limited and what can be controlled tend to be weak. This spell can be helpful for supporting the rest of your abilities.

Note: This spell is more expensive for good characters. They will receive an experience penalty and will never be able to master it.

Slow Time[edit]

Level Experience Needed
1 2000
2 6580
3 18,800
4 47,500
TOTAL 74,880

The universal best skill for any character. For a melee character, you can fight an entire army without ever even being hit, for a ranged character you can stop many charging bandits before they even get to you and a magic user can literally knock their enemies down with one skill, and before those enemies hit the ground you can kill them in the air. It also has uses in mini-games, accomplishing quests and quest boasts. It is on the edge of cheapness, but because you still have to kill your enemies it isn't that bad.

Drain Life[edit]

Level Experience Needed
1 2800
2 6750
3 16,500
4 44,000
TOTAL 70,500

This skill is not very tough at low levels, but at high levels you can suck the life out of your enemies and actually kill them with it. It is a spell that only EVIL characters can master and GOOD characters take an experience penalty where they have to spend more experience to learn it.


Level Experience Needed
1 1800
2 5030
3 14,400
4 46,000
TOTAL 67,230

This is another support skill, as in you can't rely on your summoned creatures to kill everything for you, it would take way to long. The way the spell works is that it starts out as a wasp, and if the summon kills an enemy, it can take the form of that enemy, so if it kills a bandit, the summon is now a bandit. The types of enemies that the summon can be is extremely limited and for that reason, not very good. It is a spell that you can have some fun with though, having Turncoat, Ghost sword and a summon can make for a decent strengthened force, but the experience it takes to master those three skills doesn't match up to the power you could have with that experience elsewhere. It is also a spell that EVIL characters take an experience penalty on where they have to spend more experience to learn it and only GOOD characters can master it.

Physical Spells[edit]

To max all these abilities you need 403,150 experience points.

Physical Shield[edit]

Level Experience Needed
1 900
2 5350
3 17,700
4 45,500
TOTAL 69,450

This spell is almost as cheesy as Enflame. I swear it must be a bug they forgot to eliminate, but if you have Physical Shield on, your combat multiplier WILL NOT GO DOWN when you get hit. Because of that, you will always have a high combat multiplier and be getting an insane amount of experience. A quick example is a game I played where I got physical shield as fast as I could (after the wasp quest) and always had it on, then I played another game where I NEVER used it, by the end of the game when just playing through normally (8 hours per game) the game with Physical Shield had earned nearly 800,000 more experience than the other character, and the other character didn't even earn 800,000 experience in total! It is incredibly cheesy and I never use it any more, EVER. It is a spell that only the GOOD characters can master, EVIL characters take an experience penalty on it where they have to spend more to learn it.


Level Experience Needed
1 1600
2 6210
3 20,500
4 51,000
TOTAL 79,310

This is one of the better skills, both balanced wise and usefulness. If you have it on you deal more damage, take less damage, run faster, your melee attacks knock your enemies down (which makes it balanced since you can't hit them while they are down) and you also look very cool. It is however, a melee skill, so ranged and magic characters will find little use for it. It is also a spell that only EVIL characters can master and GOOD characters take an experience penalty on it where they have to spend more experience to learn it.

Assassin Rush[edit]

Level Experience Needed
1 400
2 2700
3 8100
4 20,000
TOTAL 31,200

A lesser form of Battle Charge, this skill crosses a set distance very quickly, but deals no damage. If you lock onto an enemy and use it, you will appear behind them giving you a second or sometimes more, to have a first attack. At the mastered level it does cover a lot of ground very quickly, but again, not very useful at killing large numbers of enemies. Against single targets though, it is a good opener.

Heal Life[edit]

Level Experience Needed
1 2300
2 5850
3 15,900
4 49,000
TOTAL 73,050

What do I need to say? It heals life, at the mastered level it does heal a lot of life, but costs a lot of mana. It also is great for keeping allies (mercenaries or people you are rescuing) alive. It is a spell that only the GOOD characters can master and EVIL characters take an experience penalty on.

Ghost Sword[edit]

Level Experience Needed
1 2500
2 6300
3 17,200
4 51,500
TOTAL 77,500

This spell would be very useful if the swords did more damage or if they attacked more often. But they don't, so it is just another support spell that you should use with other spells like Lightning, or Berserk, or even just when you're a ranged or melee character. I do like the spell, but in terms of usefulness, it isn't the best by far.

Multi Arrow[edit]

Level Experience Needed
1 1000
2 5140
3 19,500
4 47,000
TOTAL 72,640

The only true skill for the ranged characters, it makes your next few shots split into multiple arrows. Each arrow deals less damage than a normal single arrow, but at the mastered level the total damage is far greater than normal damage. The biggest downfall to this skill is the arrows split into a wide arc from your character, making it difficult to hit enemies in close quarters (like in dungeons) or if the enemy is too close, the arrows will just not hit them.