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Silver Keys
There are 8 Silver Keys that can be gained by fishing.

One of the things you can do in Albion is go fishing.

The way the game is programmed, the more you fish the more difficult it becomes. Because of this it is important to be careful not to overdo it before a specific moment in the game. There is a point in Fable when fishing is required to advance the story so it is best not to push the difficulty of fishing too far before passing this point. If the difficulty is beyond your skill level once this point is reached it could take a long time to proceed.

Fishing Locations and Items[edit]

Here are the fishing locations and the items that can be found within them. Since fishing gets more difficult the more it is done it may be a good idea to collect the items you really want first.

Fishing Spot Item Directions
Fisher Creek Golden Fish
Fisher Creek Working Moustache The closest fishing hole to the dock, behind the house.
Fisher Creek 100 gold coins The second closest fishing hole to the dock, behind the house.
Fisher Creek Silver Key The 3rd from the dock, behind the house.
Fisher Creek Moonfish The 4th and last from the dock, behind the house.
Lookout Point Ages of Skill Potion Go back to Lookout Point and go towards the Picnic Area, on your left is a pool of water with an opening in the fence.
Guild Woods Silver Key Go back to the Heroes' Guild, you want to go into the Guild woods, where you took your final exam against Maze. On the right is a pool of water where you can fish.
Orchard Farm Elixir of Life Between the front of the house and the barn is a tiny puddle of water, but there are ripples there, go ahead and fish.
Orchard Farm Coron Visor Tattoo From the barn, enter the apple tree area, at the back end on the right hand side is a wall of rock, follow the inside of the rock to find a dock, there is a fishing hole here.
Orchard Farm Silver Key Follow the path from the barn, through the apple tree area all the way to the lake area, off the dock is a fishing area.
Greatwood Cullis Gate Moonfish Right before the exit to the Greatwood Caves you will see a pond with a fishing hole, go ahead and fish.
Ancient Cullis Gate Silver Key The fishing hole is on the right hand side of the bridge if you are going to the Darkwood Weir.
Barrowfields Moonfish Near Demon Door #4 - Barrowfields (on the left from the path coming from Darkwood) is a body of water, fish off the point.
Barrowfields 500 Gold Go back to that river to the right of the traders little camp, follow it towards Oakvale until near the end and you will encounter a fishing hole near a scarecrow.
Barrowfields Coron Night Tattoo To the right of the bridge near the traders camp there's a fishing hole.
Witchwood Cullis Gate Moonfish To the left coming out of the Cullis gate.
Grey House Silver Key At the top right side of the mini-map beside the demon door is a fishing hole.
Witchwood Stones Silver Key
Witchwood Lake Will Master's Elixir
Headman's Hill Silver Key This Key can only be found during the [MI] quest.
Windmill Hill Wedding Ring
Lychfield Graveyard Nostro's Shield
Lychfield Graveyard Silver Key