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Its time to complete the core quest "Guild Training". Go to the woods and you will find your final test... man I wish all final exams were as easy as this. If you didn't complete the optional quests in parts 2 and 3 this is your last chance to do them.

Melee is first up, hit Maze 7 times with your sword. Just like when you fought Whisper you can hit him with a flourish attack to earn extra strength experience.

Next is archery, if you stand far enough away from him, you can hurt him, giving you skill experience, hit him 7 times to move on.

Last is Will, I do not know if you can earn extra will experience on him, I have tried all sorts of distances, but no luck, so just hit him 7 times and you've completed the final test....

Note: Do note that in the Melee part of this final exam, you may take out your bow and continue to shoot Maze with arrows during the first part, the Melee exam. This will gain you VERY HIGH amounts of skill points with a little patience, since you're so new and technically "launching an attack" at a much stronger foe.

You may also try using Lightning on Maze during the Bow test and Melee on him during the Will test, but this does NOT work on every game. Not suggested to try, simply because you could get very mad at spending hours shocking the crap out of him and winding up with absolutely no extra experience.

Once you have finished, leave the woods and you get to graduate.

Once you get the Lamp, use it to open the Demon Door inside the Guide. The Demon Door will say "You're not BRIGHT enough", but if you go into your menu and choose "ITEMS" picking the LAMP to USE, the door will immediately open without having to redo the action.
Beating this quest earns you
2 x Resurrection Phial
1 x Lamp
2 x Health Potion
1 x Will Potion
1 x Apple Pie
Full Set of Villager Clothes (The Lost Chapters only)
Guild Seal
600 experience

Before you get to set out on your own, you need to learn to use the experience shrine. Its quite simple, just choose whatever you want; if you have enough experience, get it, if not either save up or buy something else.