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Warp back to the Heroes' Guild, you can grab the "Hobbe Killing Contest" quest card to save time, or you can wait until later. Either way, exit the guild and at Lookout Point, you should find a trader marked by the green objective marker.

After agreeing to take the trader to Orchard Farm, command him to follow you, and just as he said, don't run to fast or he will get left behind, which is bad.

The reward you get depends on how well you guard him. If he doesn't get hit, he will give you a bonus gift (Gems, which are worth about 500 gold).

Now, right away in Greatwood Entrance, that little path on your left, when you pass it a Bandit magically appears down it and comes up to attack your trader. Watch out for that if you want the trader to give you his gift.

Just hack your way to Orchard farm from there, sometimes you will have to go to the entrance at Greatwood Lake. But, for this time you can probably just use the entrance at Greatwood Entrance.

Once you get there, you get your money and possibly your gift, then the quest is done.

This quest comes back, as in you can do it more than once, but it takes a couple game days.

Beating this quest (perfectly) will earn you:

  • 500 gold (including pre-payment)
  • 1 x Gem (Varies)

If you didn't beat it perfectly and you feel robbed, you can shoot the trader in the back and kill him, he will drop the Gem he should have given to you in the first place.