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Note: The Demon Doors are in the order in which you find them.

Demon doors can be found around Albion, they guard ancient relics and items. To open them you have to prove yourself by either solving their riddles, accomplishing tasks or simply wearing the right equipment.

Heroes' Guild[edit]

Go to the demon door in the guild grounds. If you don't remember how to get there, go from the map room, along the red carpet into the dining hall, up the stairs on the right, turn right and cross the bridge, go right and follow the edge until you get to the next bridge, cross it and keep going straight over the rocks.

"Your Path is Dark."
"Only a light will reveal it. And you are not bright enough."

Quite simple to figure out, but if you need the answer, simply find your lamp in Items - Others, use it in front of the demon door.

Inside there is a chest, a table with a book on it and two book shelves.

Inside the chest you will find
1 x Elixir of Life
On the table you will find
1 x Making Friends
On the book shelves you will find
1 x Book of Spells
1 x Howl Tattoo
Also, you will find a small body of water that you can fish on

Greatwood Gorge[edit]

Go to the lowest point on the mini-map for Greatwood Gorge, near the exit is a demon door. It requires you to be evil, but you can counter the EVIL points the same way you earn them for the door, with food. Plus, inside you can find the first Legendary Weapon, so it is recommended.

"This is the deal. You perform an act of great evil in my sight, and I'll pop open."

You need to obtain 50 evil points in front of the door. One way to achieve this is to get 12 Crunchy Chicks.

Right now the only way you can buy them is from wandering traders, just keep going back and forth between Greatwood Entrance and Greatwood Lake, eventually a trader will have them.

Come back to the door with 12, eat them one at a time. This is were a lot of people screw up by just throwing the Crunchy Chicks onto a hotkey and eating it all in 2 seconds. That does not work! You need to eat them slowly. There is about a 1-2 second delay after the evil points are given before you will get more evil points for eating another.

So, make sure you are standing in front of the door, eat one, wait, eat another, wait, eat another, etc. Try after 10, if he won't open, eat the last ones and try again. 12 is slightly more than you need but useful if you do eat one too soon and don't get the evil points. You only have to gain 50 evil points in front of him to open up, and if you mess up with just 10, you would have to do it all over again, so the extra 2 may save you a trip back to the traders.

Now, if you are trying to be a pure GOOD character, just buy 12 Tofu and eat them the same way after, it will be as if you never earned the EVIL points to get in.

Note that the door will also open if you're just plain evil already. It will open when red smoke comes out of your feet when you walk.

Alternatively... go to the door and the warp to the Lookout Point, convince about three or four people to be your followers, you can do this even when evil by being flirtatious with the womenfolk. Once you have them make sure they are all standing around you then warp back to the door "last recall" and they should come with you. Then stand in front of the door and murder them all. This can be done early on in the game getting you the powerful axe nice and early, giving you a good head start. Though it does make you rather evil.

There are a bunch of vines inside this place, as well as a chest.

Inside the chest you will find
1 x Wellow's Pickhammer

Darkwood Marshes[edit]

When you enter the Darkwood Marshes, you can find this door on the left.

"Beware, traveller - I block the way to all but the most combat-hardened."
"If you request, my Guardians will test your mettle in combat. Meet their challenge, and the reward I hide is yours."

This can be either easy, very easy, or very hard. If you are doing this during Trader Escort you will not only have to fight a small army of Hobbes, but you will still have to protect the traders you are escorting because they believe they can fight these Hobbes. If you don't want to do it yet, come back later and do it then.

Now, when you say yes, there will be five waves of Hobbes, each wave is harder than the last.

Because you are able to have the "Wellow's Pickhammer" by this point and because it is about the strongest weapon you can get for now, it has been used to calculate the required hits:

  1. Wave 1: 4 Hobbes, 1 hit each.
  2. Wave 2: 4 Hobbes, 1 hit each.
  3. Wave 3: 4 Hobbes, 4 hits each.
  4. Wave 4: 4 Hobbes, 2 hits each.
  5. Wave 5: 4 Hobbes, 6 hits each.

Inside you find a chest.

Inside the chest you will find
1 x Dark Will User's Outift (set)


From the main path coming from Darkwood Weir, take that first left at the first tree on the left, you will find the demon door behind a wall.

"Oh no, not again."
"Another bony adventurer seeking to plunder my riches."
"I'm not interested in your meager frame. Get some meat on you!"
"I want beef! Blubbery! Plump! Porcine!"
"Stop being a slave to public perception, and treat yourself."
"Pies, meat, beer, anything, but lots of it!"
"Eat yourself large, and you'll be welcome here!"
Eat (or equivalent of)
8 x Red Meat
10 x Fish
12 x Apple Pies
1 x Will Master's Elixir

Go and buy 100–150 gold worth of food (or 25–30 pieces of food) and come back to the door. You could go to the trader near the water's edge here at Barrowfields. Make sure your health is full and eat away.

Inside you find a chest.

Inside the chest you will find
1 x Will Master's Elixir

Rose Cottage[edit]

At the Rose Cottage, it is nearly impossible to miss the demon door on your left when you enter the area.

"I never open on a first date. My heart has been broken too many times before."
"I could only let someone who really loved me through."

Give it a gift. You don't need to use an expensive one; a Red Rose or a Box of Chocolates will do just fine.

If you don't happen to have either just go out the exit,and through the nearby Cullis gate to Bowerstone south and go towards the exit and talk to a man who sells gifts and buy a chocolates for cheap and then head back to the rose cottage.

When you give it a gift, it will let you in where you will find a chest.

Inside the chest you will find
1 x Bright Will User's Outfit (set)

Greatwood Caves[edit]

There is a Demon Door at the Greatwood Caves.

"I need to see your Combat Multiplier get higher before I swing ajar."

It says exactly what it wants to see. It wants you to talk to it when you have a high combat multiplier (in this case, 14 or more).

The easiest way to do this is to have physical shield for starters, but that won't give you the high combat multiplier. There are two methods.

  1. Go into the Hobbe Cave, fight to the Main Chamber, kill all the Hobbes in the Main Chamber, turn around and kill all the Hobbes on your way through the Entrance and then enter the Greatwood Caves. You will need to have an 18-20 multiplier when you leave, which will give you a high enough one when you get out that when you kill the enemies outside, you will hit 14.
  2. Wait until you have enough renown. An earth troll should spawn right before the Door. Hide behind a rock and take out your bow. Hold the attack button down. Hold it for 1 to 5 minutes(depending on your accuracy/bow). Count up from 1 to 60-300 while you hold it. Aim at the Earth Troll, and let go. If you insta-kill it, you should get 25 multiplier!
  3. Get married and beat on your wife until you have maximum combat multiplier. Then take the closest waygate/portal to the entrance to the demon door. You will have enough stacks to open the door.

The second option is for those not using Physical Shield, and is also somewhat easier. However, it is quite annoying to wait for that long, so you might need a good bow/accuracy.

When you talk to the door with a 14 or high combat multiplier on your screen it will open up and you will find a chest.

Inside the Chest you will find
1 x The Cutlass Bluetane

Witchwood Stones[edit]

In the Witchwood Stones area, the demon doors is on the right hand side when you enter the area, this is a quest required door.

"I only open to those who know my name. If you know it, find and hit the magic stones to spell it out."
"Only one person knows my name, but I doubt you'll find him. Even at the Temple of Avo."

The person who knows the Demon Door's name is ironically, at the Temple of Avo. He will tell you the name for a gem.

The name is "HITS". Hit the stones in the correct order, located in the same area. If you spell out the name "SHIT" you'll be attacked by Balverines.

After the quest you can find these items:

Inside the barrels you will find
1 x Ruby
1 x Sapphire
1 x Red Meat
Inside the cart you will find in the chest
1 x Resurrection Phial
Inside the chest you will find
1 x Chainmail Leggings
On the ground by the bookshelf you will find
1 x The Sock Method
1 x Creatures of Albion Book I
1 x A Love Story
On the bookshelf you will find
1 x Howl Tattoo

Knothole Glade[edit]

Before entering the gates into the town on your right is the demon door.

"If you can hurt my face with an arrow, I'll crack wide open for you."

Shoot him with an arrow, aiming for the crack between the eyes. Normally, you need an Ebony Longbow, but can be done with only the Oak Crossbow and five accuracy, or by using Muti-arrow or a fireball,

All there is here is a chest.

Inside the chest you will find
1 x Elixir of Life

Abandoned Road[edit]

Warp to Twinblade's Camp, go out the exit to Abandoned Road, the Demon Door is just off to the right.

"What? Oh. You're not one of them, are you? My eyesight's not what it used to be."
"One was a gallant Knight. His plate armour was so shiny. Probably what did my eyes in."
"Then there as an evil mage, wore the darkest magical robes you ever saw."
"The last was a rogue - a Bandit, bit like the chaps here."

Now, you will need to have the full Bright Plate Outfit, the full Dark Will user's Outfit and the full Bandit Outfit to enter this door. If you didn't buy the Bright Plate Outfit from the Arena, you will need to walk around Witchwood talking to wandering traders until you find one with the gloves and chest piece, then go to Knothole Glade and buy the leggings and boots from the shop.

The Dark Will user's outfit is supplied by another Demon Door, and the Bandit Outfit is supplied in chests in the nearby area.

  1. First equip the Bright Plate Outfit, talk to the door.
  2. Then equip the Dark Will User's Outfit, talk to the door.
  3. Last you equip the Bandit Outfit, talk to the door.

Inside is a single chest.

Inside the chest you will find
1 x The Dollmaster's Mace

ONLY on Mayor's Invitation Quest[edit]

This door doesn't have any secrets or anything, its just to prevent you from leaving before beating Thunder.

"Only by defeating another Hero in combat will I open for you. Got that? I mean, how simple are you?"

Beat Thunder.

Grey House[edit]

At the top right corner of the mini-map you can find this Demon Door.

"Single men not allowed. You need a ball and chain. A posh one with a title."

Well, you need to marry Lady Grey, see Marriage on how to do that, you will need to be at least past the arena to do this.

Inside is a single chest.

Inside the chest you will find
1 x Ronok the Axe

Lychfield Graveyard[edit]

In the Lychfield Graveyard, this quest-only demon door blocks your path to the prison.

"Leave me alone, you organic pustule. I only open for Nostro, the ancient guardian of the door. Not for you. And not for that rancid gravekeeper."

You will need to find Nostro's Sword, Shield, Armour and Helmet.

  • Sword: dig the horned grave beside the crypt left before the bridge.
  • Shield: fish the fishing hole on the left after the bridge.
  • Armour: in the tomb, on the right of the path to Nostro's crypt.
  • Helmet: inside the gravekeeper's house, beside the fire place.

Give all four items to Nostro's Skeleton to open the door.

You will find: Nothing of use if you completed the game