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This is just a list of all the items that you can get throughout the game. This list contains the best buying location for all the armour, as well as the best place to sell all the armour. The best buying and selling locations were done with the same character, at the same alignment, with a level 0 guile and at the shops' defualt (initial) stock level. Based on that principal the price should keep some ratio of the original value used to determine the best buying and selling locations.

NOTE: GOOD alignment characters have a passive bonus to guile, that is to say that they get significantly better deals than EVIL alignment characters.

  • B- = buy from (best place to buy)
  • S- = sell to (best place to sell)
  • F- = find (only first available find on most items)
  • O- = other (gift, steal, reward, etc)
  • HG = Heroes' Guild
  • BS = Bowerstone South
  • DW = Dark Wood Camp
  • OV = Oakvale
  • TB = Twinblade's Camp
  • KG = Knothole Glade
  • BN = Bowerstone North
  • HC = Hook Coast
Useables Value Buy From/Find/Steal
Health Potion 80 B-KG
Will Potion 70 B-HG
Resurrection Phial 500 B-HC
Elixir of Life 2600 O-[DD01] O-[C01] O-[FF08] O-[DD08]
Will Master's Elixir 2600 F-Greatwood Entrance O-[DD04] O-[C02] F-Grey House Cellar O-[FF17]
Ages of Might Potion 300 F-BS F-Twinblade Elite's Camp F-Windmill Hill F-Underground Pass. F-Prison Barracks
Ages of Skill Potion 300 O-[FF06] F-Grey House F-Abandoned Road F-Prison Path F-Lychfield Graveyard
Ages of Will Poition 300 F-Grey House F-TB F-Witchwood Cullis F-Bowerstone Jail F-Underground Pas.
Piercing Augmentation 2100 B-HC O-[LS] F-Bowerstone Jail O-[C09]
Flame Augmentation 1450 B-TB F-Greatwood Gorge O-[HE] F-Witchwood Lake F-Headman's Hill
Lightning Augmentation 1550 B-HC F-Darkwood Weir F-Cliffside Path O-[BX]
Sharpening Augmentation 2600 B-HC O-[C03] O-[RS] O-[BX] O-[BX] F-HC
Silver Augmentation 1650 B-HC O-[WB] F-Prison Path F-Old Graveyard Path
Health Augmentation 45000 B-BN O-[C04]
Mana Augmentation 45000 B-HC O-[MI]
Experience Augmentation 50000 B-HC

For the Hero Dolls, each card game, except Black Jack, gives you one as a reward, the last one is a Thunder Doll that you can buy in Bowerstone North.

Other Value Buy From/Find/Steal
Guild Seal 2000 O-[GT]
Money Bag 5 O-[GT]
Lamp 10 O-[GT]
Silver Key 10 O-[SK]
Fishing Rod 50 B-OV
Spade 200 B-OV
Nostro's Sword 0 O-[TG]
Nostro's Shield 0 O-[TG]
Nostro's Armour 0 O-[TG]
Nostro's Helmet 0 O-[TG]
Briar Rose Hero Doll 100 O-[1C]
Whisper Hero Doll 150 O-[2C]
Twinblade Hero Doll 120 O-[3C]
Scarlet Robe Hero Doll 300 O-[4C]
Thunder Hero Doll 200 B-BN or B-[AR]
Maze Hero Doll 400 O-[6C]
Jack Hero Doll 2400 O-[CC]
Doll of You 250 B-BN O-[A1] to O-[A5]
Treasyre Clue 1 300 O-[T5]
Treasure Clue 2 330 O-[T2]
Treasure Clue 3 340 O-[T6]
Treasure Clue 4 350 O-[T3]
Treasure Clue 5 360 O-[T1]
Treasure Clue 6 370 O-[T4]
Fist Fighting Level 1 150 O-[F1]
Fist Fighting Level 2 180 O-[F2]
Fist Fighting Level 3 200 O-[F3]
Hexagon Key 0 O-[HE]
Key To Hostage Cage 0 O-[FS]
Lady Grey's Necklace 0 O-[MI]
Bandit Camp Pass 0 O-[FS]
Prison Cell Key 0 O-[PE]
Dead Lady's Heirloom 0 O-[GN]
Hero titles Value Buy From/Find/Steal
Maleficus 600 B-Lookout Point
Assassin 280 B-Lookout Point
Avatar 1000 B-Lookout Point
Liberator 600 B-Lookout Point
Druid 200 B-Lookout Point
Ranger 260 B-Lookout Point
Runemaster 450 B-Lookout Point
Hood 200 B-Lookout Point
Sabre 250 B-Lookout Point
Piemaster 100 B-Lookout Point
Chicken Chaser 40 B-Lookout Point
Arseface 60 B-Lookout Point
Reaper 250 B-Arena Entrance
Deathbringer 350 B-Arena Entrance
Pilgrim 160 B-Arena Entrance
Gladiator 500 B-Arena Entrance
Arrowdodger 150 B-Arena Entrance
Necromancer ----- O-Chapel of Skorm
Paladin ----- O-Temple of Avo
Trophies Value Buy From/Find/Steal
Wasp Queen's Head 100 O-[WM]
Golden Fish 100 O-Fisher Creek
Whisper's Brooch 300 O-[AO] OR [PO]
Hobbe Tooth 300 O-[HK]
Trader's Feather 300 O-[TE]
Hobbe Head 300 O-[HE]
Bandit Seal 1000 O-[FS]
White Balverine Head 800 O-[WB]
Fist Fighters Trophy 1000 O-[F4]
King Scorpion Sting 1000 O-[AR]
Champion's Seal 2000 O-[AR]
Silver Arrow 300 O-[AC]
Minion's Helmet 900 O-[AF]
Thunder's Helmet 1000 O-[MI]
Undead's Hand 800 O-[TG]
Kraken Tooth 1500 O-[PE]
Trader's Head 5 O-[BX]
Maze's Clasp 1400 O-[RH]
Jack's Mask 2500 O-[JB]
Produce Value Buy From/Find/Steal
Cooking Apple 3 O-can only be found at start of game
Blueberry Pie 10 O-can only be earned at start of game
Green Apple 4 B-BS
Apple Pie 15 B-BS
Fish (orange) 12 B-OV
Fish (blue) 15 B-HC
Carrot 6 B-BS
Red Meat 14 B-TB
Moonfish 160
Golden Carrot 160
Tofu 40 B-BN
Chrunchy Chick 35 B-TB
Beer 10 B-BS
Grain Sack 25 B-BS
Flour Sack 35 B-BN
Beer Keg 46 B-TB
Cider Crate 52 B-BS
Gifts Value Buy From/Find/Steal
Chocolates 10 B-BS
Perfume 120 B-BN
Red Rose 20 B-BN
Wedding Ring 900 B-OV
Fake Wedding Ring 200 B-DW
Emerald 770 B-OV
Jet 450 B-TB
Sapphire 550 B-HC
Ruby 600 B-KG
Diamond 800 B-BN
Black Rose 300 B-BN
Tattoo cards Value Buy From/Find/Steal
Howl Tattoo 62 O-[DD01]
Kryndon Tattoo 43 F-HG
Seachaos Arm Tattoo 34 F-BS
Golden Harvest Tattoo 64 F-BS
Harvest Tattoo 52 F-BS
Fire Monkey Tattoo 69 O-[BB]
Coron Visor Tattoo 32 O-[FF09]
Dark Vortex Tattoo 46 F-DW
Tallin Clan Arm Tattoo 38 F-Grey House
Tallin Clan Leg Tattoo 36 F-Grey House
Spiral Dementia Tattoo 57 F-OV
Firis Head Tattoo 48 F-OV
Harion Shoulder Tattoo 45 F-The Clifftop Path
Red Widow Tattoo 44 F-KG
Seachaos Leg Tattoo 39 F-KG
Karian Wings Tattoo 41 O-[GG18]
Harrion Arm Tattoo 46 F-Prison Barracks
Somrune Tattoo 58 F-Warden's Office
Arrowhead Tattoo 46 F-HC
Coron Birth Tattoo 38 F-HC
Vambrace Tattoo 32 F-HC
The Eyes of Avo Tattoo 46 F-HC
Hair styles cards Value Buy From/Find/Steal
Standard Beard 30 F-Picnic Area
Regular Beard 64 F-BS
Normal Haircut 85 F-BS
Ponytail 66 F-BS
Pudding Basin 38 F-BS O-[BB]
The Warrior Stripe 85 O-[BB]
Mutton Chop Beard 62 O-[BB] F-BN
Long Beard 54 O-[BB]
Trader Style Moustache 25 O-[BB] F-Windmill Hill
Sheriff Moustache 88 O-[BB] F-Bowerstone Jail
Working Moustache 39 F-Fisher Creek
Normal Beard 82 F-Grey House
Younger Style 50 F-OV
Short Hair 65 F-OV
Power Moustache 67 F-Witchwood Lake
Foreign Moustache 47 F-BN
Strip Beard 63 F-BN
The Buzz 36 F-Lychfield Graveyard
Small Moustache 54 F-Cell Block Two
Tramp Beard 24 F-HC
Plaits 44 F-HC
Books Value Buy From/Find/Steal
Making Friends 200 O-[DD01] B-OV
Book of Spells --- O-[DD01]
The Tale of Maxley --- F-HG
Three Haikus by Miko --- F-HG
A Love Story --- F-HG
The Pale Balverine --- F-HG
Hierarchy of Weapons --- F-HG
The Other Land --- F-HG
Creatures of Albion II --- F-HG
The Old Kingdom --- F-HG
The Northern Wastes --- F-HG
The Tale of Twinblade --- F-HG
The Dragons --- F-HG
Creatures of Albion I --- F-HG
The Arena --- F-HG
Creatures of Albion III --- F-HG
The Repentant Alchemist --- F-BS
Windbreaker Rule Book 200 F-BS B-OV
Eyes of a Killer 200 F-BS B-OV
You Are Not a Bad Person 200 F-BS B-TB
The Guild of Zeroes --- F-BS
The Sock Method 200 F-BS B-OV
A Hero's Journey I --- F-Fisher Creek
The Rotten Apple --- O-[HK] (Orchard Farm house)
A Hero's Journey II --- F-Rose Cottage
Dusty Notebook --- F-Grey House
Scrawled Parchment --- F-Grey House Cellar
A hero's Journey III --- F-OV
The Trials of Aarkan --- F-OV
The Oakvale Raid --- F-OV
The Ugly Guide 200 F-OV B-OV
The Guild of Zeroes --- F-Witchwood Cullis Gate
Theresa's Letter --- O-[WB]
The Bloodline --- O-[WB]
The Balverine Slayer --- F-KG
The Tailor's Tragedy --- F-BN
The Trigamist --- F-BN
Arban's Thaumaturgica --- O-[GH]
The Story of 'X' --- F-HC