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After beating The Graveyard Path the door to the Underground Champer will be open at the Circle of the Dead, so head there and go into the Underground Champer to start the quest. If you don't remember how to get here... from the Lychfield Graveyard cullis gate, go through the now open demon door to the Old Graveyard Path, the next exit is the Circle of the Dead. Once there, enter the Underground Passage.

Go straight through the Underground Passage, enter the Underground Tunnel. Go down the stairs and you will come to a fork in the road, you will also notice that barriers have been erected and you're trapped, so start killing those undead. After you kill about five undead, the red barriers will drop, and you probably can't remember which door you came in, let alone which of the other two you have to take, so use your mini-map, its the lower right exit you want to get to. Also, if you did not destroy the barrels, the door on the right of the barrels is the path to the next area.

Enter the Cliffside Path. Follow the left hand side all the way until you are on the other side of the mini-map, approach the door and some more of our friends the red barriers will appear, along with some more skeletons, kill them to lower the barriers. Now, if you go down the lower path (left) you will find a hill in the middle of the lake, the chest at the top is only there during this quest, once you get it, if you get it, go through the door into the Underground Passage.

Inside the chest you will find
1 x Sharpening Augmentation

You'll be up against some guards in close quarters, but slaughter em and move down the path, then down the stairs, into the room with two exits, take the path on the right. You'll enter a big room, after dealing with the guards, go up the stairs on your left.

This is the Torture Chamber, your mother is here. After the cutscene, open the door, she is automatically following you, so retrace your steps back into the Underground Passage, down that set of stairs into the room that forks out. Once you enter that room you'll end up in prison. This ends the quest.