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Inside the tavern at Hook Coast you'll find the last gambling game, this is by far the easiest and when you get it down, you can make 2000 gold a minute.

Max bet = 1000

To play you move the coin left or right with the right thumbstick, when you have it in the spot you want, press A button to set the penny, then pull Down rstick to the right power and hold it there, then press A button to fire the penny.

If you hit an already-placed penny the contact will send the penny that was hit in one direction, nearly stopped the penny you fired; this can be used to make up for a short shot, or to just add a new element to playing the game.

To win you simply need to score more than 20 points, you can get a max score of 40 by getting 4 ten's in a row.

To score a 10, hold the power back so that the tip of the arrow is just barely below the green line of the 2 point section.

To score a 8, hold the power back so that the base of the arrow is right on top of the green line of the 2 point section.

When you score 30 or more, you will earn a special prize: the Sixth Hero Doll.