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Easy Money[edit | edit source]

Due to the simplicity of the in-game economics, anybody with a decent Guile score (around 3 or so) and a half an ounce of patience will be able to buy anything in half an hour.

The easiest target for this cheat is the guy in Bowerstone South right next to the entrance. Buy out all of his potions (health, will and resurrection philes). The more of these items you have, the faster you make money. About 25 of each (except res. philes, you can only have 9 of them) is the best to start with. Since the price of each item is based on how many the vendor has in stock, when he has none, he'll pay a fortune and when he has a lot, he'll sell them cheap. You don't even have to stop talking to him. Just make sure that when you sell, you hit the sell all button because selling in chunks drops his buying price. Once you've sold them all, buy them back all at once at his reduced price and repeat the process.

I discovered this cheat with a little over 9,000 gold earned the hard way, and in 10 minutes I had 100,000 gold. I then visited every shop I could find, bought the store out of their potions (wound up with about 230 health and will) and in another 10 minutes of exploitation, I had 700,000 gold. If you can get a bunch of wedding rings, you can speed up your profit level even faster with that same shmoe in Bowerstone south.

It's even better if you buy all of the gems from one and possibly several stores. If you have enough money, you'll end up with around 500 gems in all. Sell them all for a massive profit. The best example of this is the shop in Oakvale. Purchase all of the emeralds and repeat the aforementioned process. Another sidenote is if you purchase all of the gems and keep them until he restocks, you can double the profit earned. Later on, you can do this process with diamonds in Bowerstone North.

This tactic will actually work on any vendor, for any item they sell assuming you have enough gold to buy out and entire stock of an item that he has at least 100 of. An example would be to start with fish, then move up to the more expensive food stuffs. After that you acquire a lot of gems then rinse and repeat. This also works on the original Fable.

Sleep in already occupied houses without the fine[edit | edit source]

Don't do this trick if the house's bed is too far away from the entrance. First find a bed in a house and then try to sleep in it. It'll warn you about it but click yes anyways. Then quickly run out of the house before the screen fades and you won't get a fine from it. The game thinks you slept, but there's no intrusion of property fine.

All Will And Strength Max[edit | edit source]

Get around 3 ages of might potions and 4 ages of will potions, 30-60 will potions and these 3 spells: Physical shield, slow time, and battle charge, !WARNING! DO NOT MAX YOUR BATTLE CHARGE OR THIS WILL NOT WORK!!! , once you get all this then go to the heroes' guild (or oakvale, but heroes guild is easier) hit a guard with anything and they will ask if you want to pay the fine answer no then turn on physical shield and slow time and use battle charge repeatedly while targeting the guards, and use your ages of strength and ages of will potions when your combat multiplier is higher than 30 (reason for physical shield) This will raise your strength AND will experience (it will also make you very evil). This will also help to get through the demon door at greatwood caves.

Hero save glitch[edit | edit source]

When you save during a quest, it is called a Hero Save. It does not record world data, such as chests opened, items found, enemies killed, etc. All it does save is the items you've acquired, experience gained, money earned. If you load the Hero Save game, you will keep those items you found, but they will also be back where you found them so you can get them again and again.

Repeated use of this glitch will erase your save file when the game autosaves as you reload a file.

Fake strong glitch[edit | edit source]

This glitch does not make you any stronger, it just makes you appear stronger. Use the berserk spell, and save while still in berserk mode. When you next load the saved file, you will still have the same appearance, but not the strength associated with it. If you use berserk after this glitch has been done it will restore your normal appearance.

Age glitch[edit | edit source]

Use the hero save glitch during the Archaeologist quest by going to the Temple of Avo, donating enough gold to have your age reduced, Hero Save, load and repeat until you're 18 again.

Scimitar[edit | edit source]

Yes, it does exist. I found it in the bandit camp. It has been said to not even exist, but it can be attained with a ton of luck and patience. I got it by standing around the campfire closest to the traders. One of the bandits set it down when he sat down. The green symbol for "pick up" appeared and i got his weapon. There are no penalties for taking it, i.e. the bandits wont attack you for taking it. It has the same stats as the stick other than a value of 400.