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If you go to Bowerstone Quay, there is a guy at the bottom of the docks. Talk to him. He tells you about his poor daughter... he wants you to look a certain way; depending on your hair styles you already have he will ask you to get a different look.

  1. Normally the first step is "The Pudding Basin". Go to the Barber Shop and get that hair cut. Return to the guy when your hair is the way he wants it.
  2. Next he will want you to get a beard (usually the "Mutton Chop Beard"). Go to the Barber Shop and come back with the look he wants.
  3. Now, the last thing he wants is a moustache (usually the "Trader Style Moustache"), and again go back to see what he thinks.

So, time to get married? No, you got conned. You can beat this guy with your fists as much as you want, he will never die.

On a side note to this quest, if you have some or all of the looks he normally asks you to have, he asks for an alternate:

  • Pudding Basin → The Warrior Stripe
  • Mutton Chop Beard → Long Beard
  • Trader Style Moustache → Sheriff Moustache
Your reward for doing this
1 x Pudding Basin or The Warrior Stripe (hairstyle cards)
1 x Mutton Chop Beard or Long Beard (hairstyle cards)
1 x Trader Style Moustache or Sheriff Moustache (hairstyle cards)
1 x Fire Monkey Tattoo
100 experience
100 gold (when you leave the Quay)
100 renown (when you leave the Quay)