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Go to the guild, grab the quest card, boast, you know the drill. Warp to Knothole Glade, or if you didn't go their yet, Witchwood Cullis Gate and then walk there. Either way, when you get there, the quest will be activated and it will be time to rock.

There will be a single Balverine munching on a corpse when you arrive and some innocent villagers at the gate.

  • EVIL - watch the balverine slaughter the villagers
  • EVIL - kill the villagers yourself
  • GOOD - protect the villagers

Either way,you will have to kill the Balverine, then another will come and another... and another, then you can go into Knothole Glade.

Right away you will have to fight the White Balverine, hit it 10 times and it will run away. Go up the hill to the back of the town and it will come back for another 10 hits. You'll then get a key to beating it.

From the woman you will get
1 x Silver Augmentation

If you have the Sentinus or the Arken's Crossbow, you won't need to use the Silver Augmentation to beat the Balverine, but if you need to use it go for it. Once you've got your silver-loaded weapon up and running, hit the Balverine five times to make it run away again.

Now, leave Knothole Glade through the only exit at the north of your mini-map, the White Balverine is just down the path.

Fight it for a little bit and once its health drops to 75% it calls for back up and a normal Balverine comes. You might want to kill the normal one before starting on the White Balverine again, because when the White Balverine hits about 50% it calls for more back up again, this time two normal Balverines come. Again, I'd kill the normal ones first, the White Balverine will call 3 more normal ones when you get it down to below 25% health.

Once the White Balverine is dead, you get its head automatically and you can head back to Knothole Glade to reap your reward.

Talk to the chief and the quest will be complete.

Beating this quest earns you
6200 gold
800 renown
1 x Theresa's Letter
1 x The Bloodline
1 x White Balverine Head

Tip: You can use the Arken's crossbow to kill the White Balverine outside Knothole Glade with a single hit!Just zoom in with the crossbow and hold the string back for about 15 seconds,aim above the White Balverine & BAAM!!The White Balverine will die in one hit,but the normal Balverines will still be summoned.You can easily kill them with force-push and assassin rush and dealing damage with your melee weapon(use slow time if you want to).