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Go to the guild and choose the "Protect Orchard Farm" quest. Make some boasts if you want, then head to Greatwood Entrance. Now go to Greatwood Lake and from there you can enter Orchard Farm to start the quest.

You need to protect the crates from 3 waves of bandits.

Control the Guards
Don't forget, you can control the guards (to a degree) by using the follow and stay expressions.

The first wave consists of 3 melee bandits, 1 will go for the crates, the other two act like homing missiles onto you. Go away from the barn that has the crates in it (only one barn, so it's not to hard to figure out where they are). This way, you will be against 2 Bandits, but you will also have the two guards with you. Kill at least one of the bandits, then leave the other for the guards to finish off and go after the bandit who went after the goods. If he is on his way back to his base with some of the goods, he will appear as a quest marker on your mini-map. Once the 3 Bandits are dead, get ready for the 2nd wave.

The second wave consists of 2 melee and 1 ranged bandit. One of the melee bandits will go after the goods, the other two will again go after you. Kill the ranged bandit and then go after the bandit at the goods. When all three are dead, get ready for the next wave.

The 3rd wave is the same as the 2nd, so just do what you did last time.

When they are all dead, Whisper will appear and ask you to hit her with a Flourish. Well, smack her once, this will charge up your attack and then just hit her by pressing B button (that's a Flourish). Now just defeat her and the quest will be complete.

Beating this quest earns you:

  • 3000 experience
  • 750 gold
  • 400 renown
  • 1 x Whisper's Brooch