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Spot the addition can be found in Twinblade's Camp, under the large tent at the bottom of the mini map. The max bet is 1000 gold.

To play you need to beat 5 rounds. Each round starts with a set amount of figurines, they are then covered up for a moment and shown again, in a mixed up order, with a new figurine, you must select the new figurine.

  • Round 1 = 3 starting figurines
  • Round 2 = 4 starting figurines
  • Round 3 = 5 starting figurines
  • Round 4 = 6 starting figurines
  • Round 5 = 7 starting figurines

With so many figurines to remember, and there being enough that you won't be able to just look quickly and see which is missing before they add the additional figurine, you will need to work on your actual memory skills.

Decide on a short name for each of the figurines to make it easier to remember them, e.g.:

  • Tree: the white flowery type of tree
  • Fighter: the hobbe fighter
  • Fish: the orange fish
  • Wasp: the wasp
  • Potion: the green bottle
  • Dagger: the dagger
  • Grave: the stone statue
  • Skull: the skull statue
  • Boot: the boot-like statue
  • Thing: the balverine head (its the black furry-type thing)
  • Apple: the red apple
  • Mushroom: the small cluster of mushrooms
  • Book: the book

This is really quite basic, but you need to know the items listed above to be good at this game, because the more familiar you are with them the faster you can do this.

If you want to earn the special prize, you have to be 25 seconds. That means you have a very limited amount of time to do each round in, here are the target times (max, the faster the better) you should aim for.

  • Round 1 - 1.5 seconds or less
  • Round 2 - 3.5 seconds or less
  • Round 3 - 7 seconds or less
  • Round 4 - 15 seconds or less
  • Round 5 - 25 seconds or less

If you want to make it a whole lot easier, you can use slow time and then play the mini-game, which gives you far more time to remember and chose.