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There's really nothing to this quest other than killing bandits quickly. Physical shield and slow time are definitely recommended for this quest (especially if you have taken the time limit boast) since bandits come in droves. It's a good opportunity for experience and combat multipliers.

To get this quest, go to the Heroes' Guild, grab the card, boast and then head for Greatwood Entrance; right before you enter the area a woman tells you about the quest, enter Greatwood and the quest will begin.

Go up the path, kill the bandits, then follow the wall on your right until you hit the exit to Fisher Creek. Save the guy by killing the five bandits, then quickly head back to Greatwood Entrance.

Kill the bandits, then follow the wall on the right until you hit the bridge, kill the bandit leader and go across the bridge and go through the exit into Greatwood Lake.

Here there is a bandit leader threating a woman, kill the three normal (or elite) bandits, then go up the hill until the bandit leader says "Last chance or the broad gets it."

Shoot the bandit, he will attack you along with two other bandits; when they are dead the quest is complete.

Beating this quest earns you:

  • Treasure Clue #1
  • 5400 gold
  • 400 renown