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Equip the stick and attack the dummy to yield an experience orb.

After the cutscenes you will be brought to the Heroes Guild to begin your Hero training. From the map room go right and follow the red carpeted path, this will take you to the dining area, and from here out into the courtyard. Feel free to explore a little bit, and pick up any Cooking Apples you find on the ground for the Red Apples side quest later on. Your objective here is to go to the melee training area and talk to the Guildmaster (this is indicated by a yellow objective marker on your map). Just head across the bridge and towards him, and trigger the cutscene. Hit the dummy seven times as instructed and you will receive the Stick, the most basic (and weakest) weapon. Pull out the stick and start attacking the dummy again. It will be destroyed on the 10th hit and will drop an experience orb. Hold the Right Trigger (Left Shift on PC) or walk up to it and you will receive your first experience point.

After this, the Guildmaster will ask you to exterminate the beetles in the Guild Woods. Simply follow the yellow objective marker into the woods, and approach the red dots on your mini map. Equip the stick and defeat all ten of them, making sure to collect the experience orbs they drop. Each beetle needs only one hit to kill, and yields one renown. When you're done, head back the way you came and the Guildmaster will ask you if you wish to continue your training. Choosing "Yes" skips ahead several years, although there is little to do if you choose "No" and explore a little first.