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Go to the Tavern, the guy sitting at the table who doesn't look like a normal villager, and is also highlighted green, talk to him to discover 2 side quests. He's the guy wearing a blue suit, top hat and a mini traders style moustache.

  • Max Bet = 1000

Card pairs is the 2nd easiest (without magic) mini game to win, it is also the easiest to win until the last 10% of the game. So, when you need some quick cash, I recommend this game.

There are BETTER ways to make money, but, until later in the game, or before you have much money, Card Pairs can earn you as much as 100,000 gold coins per hour. Now, 100,000 gold is more than you will ever need in the game, unless you plan on being a land barron....

But, onto the game.

If you don't know how to play Card Pairs, you just flip a face down card to see what it is, then flip over another of the same card. The suit does not have to be the same, just the card (queen - queen, 3 - 3, ace - ace, etc). Because the cards are face down, you won't know where the matching card is, so this is a memory and speed game.

When your bet is placed and the cards are dealt, press "A" to continue. This starts the counter which gives you only 40 seconds to clear all 16 cards.

The EASIEST way is to start at either the bottom left or right, and work across the bottom row, making sure you remember all 4 cards clearly. Then move onto the 2nd row, match up any pairs that appear.

With this method:

  • 90% of the time you will get at least 1 match in the first 2 rows
  • 30% of the time you will get at least 2 matches in the first 2 rows
  • 10% of the time you will get a match in the first row
  • 1 in every 30 times you WON'T get any matches in the first 2 rows

Now, just go and practice, once you get it down you can win 100% of the time with an average under 30 seconds. Even when you don't have a single match in the first 2 rows, you can still win with time to spare.

When you win, you get what ever you bet, so if you bet 1000 gold, you will have made 1000 gold for that round. Simple stuff.

Try and beat 35 seconds to earn a special prize, which activates a new sidequest.

When you beat 35 seconds you will earn
200 renown
1 x special prize