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If you're evil take this quest, boast and then head to Bowerstone North, exit to the Bowerstone Jail; there you will be met by a few bandits, the quest begins here.

Go up the hill to Windmill Hill, killing the guards on your way.

Again, go up the path to the next area, Gibbet Woods, if you're low on time and have a hard time killing guards, you better skip them and just get to the next area, if not, go ahead and kill em all.

In Gibbit Woods, go to the left at the split to go to Headman's Hill, again killing or not killing any guards you come across.

Once in Headman's Hill, you will need to go up to the execution block and kill the executioner, you don't have to kill any guards here, just the executioner to complete the quest.

Beating this quest earns you:

  • 4600 gold
  • 200 renown