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Before you talk to the guild master and take the quest card, you better be ready to finish the game. You are at this point less than an hour from completion. There is the demon door and silver key chest in the guild grounds that you will NOT be able to get after taking this quest. So, when you're ready, take the quest card from the guild mast and teleport to Hook Coast.

Right away the quest will begin, go back to where the red barrier popped up. Down the hill, through the gate, down the stairs, turn right, go straight until you hit the stairs on the left of the last building on your right, at the top of the stairs go straight to the barrier.

You need to stand near the barrier for a bit while the guild master does his thing, the Screamers (the Banshee type monsters) that you fight here are highly resistant to physical damage, but spells rip through them.

Once the guild master finishes his chant, you'll be in a cutscene.

After the cutscene you'll be fighting your first truly tough boss.... Now, I'm saying that from the perspective of the characters I used for this guide, characters that only used about half the experience they gained, and NO WILL ABILITIES AT ALL!!!! So If you have spells, strength and skill, he won't be a problem at all. Just lay into him with everything you got.

After you do about 15-20% damage to him, he will teleport away from the little graveyard, back towards town. Chase him down and beat the crap out of him some more.

After he's down to nearly 50% health left, he will teleport again, this time down in front of the shops. Go after him again and show no mercy.

After a couple hits he will teleport again, this time he is on the second level of the light house, so break down the door and go after him again.

This time, when he is nearly dead, he will... teleport again, just outside of the lighthouse... this is the last time he will be able to run from you. When you finish him off... cutscene.

Beating this quest earns you
1 x Maze's Clasp
16000 gold
1500 renown