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Coin Golf is one of the least efficient games to play to earn gold. You can find the same card player character at the Tavern.

Max bet = 1000

The underlying concept is to get as low a score as possible.

Round Target best possible
1 2 1
2 2 1
3 2 1
4 3 2

The above table shows your target shots per hole and the best you can possibly get. You can theoretically score a 5, but that is extremely difficult.

To play, pull Down rstick (the opposite way of where you want the penny to go) to where you want your power to be, hold it steady, make sure you're aiming in the right spot, and then press A button. Don't try to pull and release, this can seriously hold you back.

  • Round 1 - Aim left, at the tall skinny glass. You want to hit the right side edge of the glass just right. Use 90% power at first just to get your aim down. To get a hole in 1 you need to use about 98% power, hit it just right and get VERY lucky. If it doesn't go in on the first shot you will still be in an easy 2nd shot straight line.
  • Round 2 - Aim right of the big jug in the middle of the table, you will see a beer mug, you want to hit it just right with a shot that looks like it will miss the left side, but just barely hit the edge of it. Use 80-90% power until you get your bearings, 100% on a good shot will shoot it right through the hole and off the table. Again, if you don't get it in 1 shot, you at least have a second easy shot.
  • Round 3 - Aim to the far left, in the great distance you will see a skiny glass on the edge of the table. Hit it in the middle-right side and you will quickly learn the spot to hit, use 100% power and you'll probably get a lot of teasers just outside the ring and start thinking it can't make it, when one time it will. OF course, this hole provides on of the better 2nd shots, its so easy to get the aim down.
  • Round 4 - Aim to the right at the tall glass. You want to look very carefully at the screen, you can see the 3d texturing has a shadow on the inside edge (the far left of the base), if you hit that area just right, with a 100% power shot, your penny can go all the way down the table and even set you up for an easy 2nd shot. Most of the time, this hole requires 3 shots (9/10 times) and I do not see anyway of getting a hole in 1.

When you score 11 or under you will get the special prize: a Whisper Hero Doll, the Second Hero Doll.