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After completing the escape from prison quest, you can go back to the heroes guild and take this quest, boast and then head to Bowerstone North where you will be able to meet Tanya, an undercover bandit operative. She is near the exit to the Prison Path, talk to her and she will begin the quest.

You can hire bandits to help you if you wish. When you're ready, follow the path up to Windmill Hill.

At Windmill Hill there will be three sets of green objective markers on your mini-map, I have always had the trader be in the set at the actual windmill, depending on how you're playing this quest, if you're killing everything or if you're not killing anything at all, or somewhere in between, you will need to approach this in a different way. But the trader you're extracting will always be highlighted green when you approach him, the other traders turn blue.

  • GOOD: kill as little, or no guards and traders
  • EVIL: kill who ever you want

For not killing anything at all, I highly recommend using slow time, find the trader you're extracting and then just run to the exit, don't bother waiting for him, he will teleport to the next area with you. So run all the way back to Bowerstone North to complete the quest. It is nearly impossible to do this without slow time if you don't want to kill anyone. If you don't have slow time, just let the traders get to Gibbet Woods and then enter the area, talk to the trader you are to extract and then run very quickly back too Windmill Hill and don't stop until you get to Bowerstone North to complete the quest. This is so incredibly difficult to accomplish because 24 out of 25 times the trader will die before you can get to Bowerstone North, it seriously took me over 2 hours to see if this was even possible to do without slow time and without hurting any guards or traders.

If you're killing everything just kill everything on your way. Traders drop fixed items, listed below. When you've gotten the trader you need to extract just go back to Bowerstone North to complete the quest. If the trader gets to the Gibbet Woods exit, just enter that area and there you will have one last chance to grab him.

Items you will find off the traders
1 x Tofu
1 x Chrunchy Chick
1 x Moon Fish
1 x Golden Carrot
1 x Sharpening Augmentation
1 x Red Meat
1 x Health Potion
1 x Diamond
1 x Jet
1 x Fish (blue)
1 x Lightning Augmentation

Once you get the trader back to Bowerstone North, either through good or evil, you will have accomplished the quest.

If you're having troubles with this quest do not worry about it, it is one of the harder quests because the stupid trader guy you have to bring back is so stupid and just loves to die. If you are having trouble use slow time, healing and at least 1 combat or offensive spell.

Beating this quest earns you
1 x Sharpening Augmentation
1 x Trader's Head
5800 gold
400 renown