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By this point you should be at the 3rd renown rank "Familiar" and that will enable you to take the "Hobbe Cave" quest card, so go to the Heroes' Guild and grab it. Make whichever boasts you feel you will be able to accomplish and then warp to the Greatwood Cullis Gate and then head to the upper left path on your mini-map, this will take you to Rose Cottage and begin the quest.

Go to the house and open the door, you will get the Hexagon Key. Go back to the Greatwood Cullis Gate, follow the path until the main path and turn right, this takes you to the Greatwood Caves.

Take the path on the right that was (or still is) blocked by vines. Go in the Hobbe Cave Entrance.

Go down the stairs and at the bottom, facing the stairs is a door, go in.

There is a bandit who has been captured, if you kill all the Hobbes, you will have the choice of taking the Bandit with you, or leaving him there.

That choice will spark another choice later on, and possibly even another choice after that, all within this quest though. If you choose not to take him with you, you can kill him for 20 GOOD points.

Go back to the entrance area, head right and you will see a door on your left, go in it when you've killed the Hobbes.

On the ground in this room you will find
1 x Health Potion

Go back to the entrance area and head left down the stairs killing any Hobbes on your way. Go in the door to enter the Main Chamber, kill the Hobbes. There are 2 chests here that you can only get right now.

Inside the chests you will find
1000 gold
1 x Flame Augmentation

Go out the other door into the Moonlit Tunnel, there is nothing here, so just go straight for the door to the Focus Chamber.

Go down the stairs and you will meet a Nymph. If you have the bandit with you still you can sacrifice him to save the boy, or you can just kill the Nymph, or you can sacrifice the bandit, kill the Nymph and save the bandit.

  • no bandit sacrifice, kill the Nymph - no GOOD/EVIL points
  • sacrifice bandit - 60 EVIL points
  • sacrifice bandit, then save the bandit - no extra GOOD/EVIL points

Once you've decided and done what you're going to do, go back up the stairs, into the Moonlit Tunnel, through the Main Chamber and into the Hobbe Cave Entrance, cut your way through the Hobbes and go up the stairs into the light.

If your bandit friend is still with you, he will ask for his share of the loot, if you give it to him you will of course lose some of your cash. There are no GOOD or BAD points regardless, so say what you like. Note that if you kill him you earn 20 GOOD points.

Follow the kid back to Rose Cottage and talk to his Grandmother to complete the quest.

Beating this quest earns you
5500 gold
400 renown
1 x Hobbe Head