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Operation Silent Scream
Location Tarsonis
Special Units
  • Jim Raynor (enhanced Vulture)
  • Sarah Kerrigan (enhanced Ghost
  • Terran Civilian
New Units Terran Battlecruiser
New Enemy Units None
Special Structures Terran Beacons
  1. Destroy all Confederate Starports.
  2. Destroy all Confederate Factories.
  3. Raynor and Kerrigan must survive.
After pushing through the Confederate bases, the team gathers up for a final blow against them in Tarsonis, as the Confederacy may be putting up a counterstrike. Kerrigan is surprised when the Psi Emitters were in place, as the Zerg were about to be unleashed throughout Tarsonis.

"Operation Silent Scream" is an unused level in the Original Terran Campaign. This map has a terrain similar to Enslavers02b. Here, you are limited to a handful of troops and no resources, SCVs or buildings. It is important to work slowly and carefully throughout this level for maximum effect. If done carefully, you can beat this level without losing a single unit.

Amongst your group of troops are a handful of powerful units. These include your three Siege Tanks, the Battlecruiser and the Science Vessel. Your Goliaths are also crucial for your victory. Here is how the level should be carried out.

The first of three bases you should destroy is the Brown Base to the southwest. Take your Siege Tanks, Goliaths and Science Vessel and have them take the lead. Keep your Heroes, Wraiths and Vultures at your starting position, as you will be periodically hit by one-Marine attacks, which you don't want your attackers to take. You will see a little cliff hole that you can use to your advantage just north of the base. Siege your Tanks when you see a Bunker and a Missile Turret, and click on your Science Vessel ready to cast a shot of Defensive Matrix. As soon as you start your destruction, Brown will unsiege his one and only Siege Tank to battle yours. When the enemy Tank approaches, quickly put a Defensive Matrix on the closest Siege Tank you have to the enemy base (or whichever you think will be attacked). If you select the right Tank, you will avoid taking a lot of damage that you would have otherwise taken. Quickly bring your Infantry and Goliaths to take down the Barracks. In the meantime, Brown is probably building a lot of Vultures from his three Factories to the west. When you see them fire at your Siege Tanks, Defensive Matrix is key. Do not bother protecting your infantry with this ability, as your vehicles are much more important in this level. Once you have cleared the surroundings send one unit down the ramp to the south to rescue additional troops, which includes three new Siege Tanks! With your new force, pound on the three Factories to the west, and this base will be history.

After this, head to the east where you will find another Beacon with more reinforcements if you wish. Either way, you would ideally strike the Purple base in the northeast. Use the ramp from the south rather than the northwest, because the defensive system is heavier up the north. If you go from the south, you will come across a number of Civilians near the trees; they indicate that you are approaching the Purple base. Once again, with your six Siege Tanks, use the Siege Mode ability when you see the first Starport. Use Defensive Matrix on any Tanks under attack. Do not unsiege your Tanks until the coast is clear; this enemy is likely to send most, if not all their Marines, Vultures and Goliaths at you. Your Siege Tanks should clean them up relatively quickly. However, there are three Siege Tanks to the north in Siege Mode. Do not advance to them with your Siege Tanks as you will suffer severe damage. Instead, put your Battlecruiser or your Wraiths to work; this is what they've been designed for. Avoid any Turrets and pound on each Siege Tank until all of them have cleared. Now you just have one more base to go.

Lastly, there is an Orange base to the northwest. This one is technically the largest, but it's really not any stronger than the other ones you've cleaned up. If you wish, send a unit down the path to the southwest corner of the Orange base (across the pond) where there is another Terran Beacon. This one will give you two Siege Tanks, two Goliaths and two Vultures. With eight Siege Tanks, there is no amount of ground units that can really stop you now. You can now simply march in all your troops to the interior of the base and clean up all Factories and Starports. As soon as that's done, Duke will inform you that the Psi Emitters are in place, and Mengsk, Raynor and Kerrigan will discuss how Mengsk should have thought it through. The final lines are identical to what you would have heard when you beat Terran mission 8: The Big Push.