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Nexus Destroyers is a game set on a 64x96 map, on the Twilight tileset. The game is played by two teams of up to 3 players, and the objective is to destroy the opposing team's Nexus. A number of beacons at the corners of the map are used to control unit spawns, heroes, and various special actions including massing and banning.

At the outset of the game, each player is given 4 Civilians in the unit selection area. All around this area are beacons marked by neutral units of various kinds. Players choose their units by sending their Civilians to beacons corresponding to the desired unit; when the Civilian arrives, it dies instantly and a predetermined number of the selected unit appear in front of the player's Nexus. These units can now be used to engage the enemy units or attack the enemy Nexus; and should a player control no units and no Civilians (usually when all his fighting units have been killed), he gets a new batch of Civilians with which to select units.