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These are the buildings useable from the beginning of the game, requiring no focus on a particular unit strategy.


This building is the most crucial of the Protoss, serving a role comparable to those of the Terran Command Center and Zerg Hatchery. As well as producing probes, it is also the resource gathering center. Losing one's last Nexus means a complete stop to all resource gathering until another can be built...if there are enough minerals available. At 400 minerals each, it's pretty hefty. It is also one of the few buildings which does not have to be built in the range of a pylon.

  • Cost: 400/0
  • Hotkey: B (build), then N (nexus)
  • Hit Points: 750/750
  • Prerequisites: None


Assimilators allow Probes to mine Vespene Gas. Players sometimes use their early worker scout to build an assimilator on top of their opponent's vespene geyser, delaying vespene gas accumulation. Although this trick can be performed by any race, it is most apt to the Protoss, as their probes need only start the building process.

  • Cost: 100/0
  • Hotkey: B (build), then A (assimilator)
  • Hit Points: 450/450
  • Prerequisites: None


The Pylon is the power source for all Protoss buildings (except the Nexus and Assimilator). Protoss buildings require at least one Pylon built nearby in order to function properly. If a Pylon powering a building is destroyed, the building will stop working. Pylons also provide 8 unit Psi each.

  • Cost: 100/0
  • Hotkey: B (build), then P (pylon)
  • Hit Points: 300/300
  • Requirements: None


The Gateway is where Protoss ground units (Zealot, Dragoon, High Templar, and Dark Templar) are warped in from Aiur (or in the more conventional sense, built).

  • Cost: 150/0
  • Hotkey: B (build), G
  • Hit Points: 500/500
  • Requirements: Nexus


The Forge does not build any units, but instead expands the tech tree and is used for upgrading ground units.

  • Cost: 150/0
  • Hotkey:
  • Hit Points: 550/550
  • Prerequisites: Nexus
  • Available Upgrades
Upgrade Ground Weapons, Level 1: 100/100, Level 2: 150/150, Level 3: 200/200
Upgrade Ground Armor, Level 1: 100/100, Level 2: 175/175, Level 3: 200/200
Upgrade Plasma Shields, Level 1: 200/200, Level 2: 300/300, Level 3: 400/400

Photon Cannon[edit]

The Photon Cannon is a defensive structure for the Protoss. Its ranged attack can hit both ground and air units. It can also detect cloaked units.

Cost: 150/0
Hit Points: 100/100
Requirements: Forge
Damage: 20 (Air and Ground)

Shield Battery[edit]

The Shield Battery can be used by all Protoss units to recharge their shields.

Cost: 100/0
Hit Points: 200/200
Requirements: Gateway
Max Energy: 200

Cybernetics Core[edit]

The Cybernetics Core is used for upgrading Air Attack, Air Armor, and increased attack range for Protoss Dragoons. It is also necessary in order to begin building advanced Protoss structures.

Cost: 200/0
Hit Points: 500/500
Requirements: Gateway
Research: Air Weapons Upgrade, Air Armor Upgrade, Singularity Charge

Robotics Tech Path[edit]

This particular technology path leads to special units which provide transportation, detection and artillery. Often used on ground maps for detection or for a reaver drop on ground maps, it is usually a popular choice on air maps, to provide the transportation needed for a quick attack or expansion.

Robotics Facility[edit]

The Robotics Facility is the construction center for Shuttles, Reavers, and Observers. Only Shuttles are available by default.

Cost: 200/200
Hit Points: 500/500
Requirements: Cybernetics Core

Robotics Support Bay[edit]

Allows Reavers to be built at the Robotics Facility

Cost: 150/100
Hit Points: 450/450
Requirements: Robotics Facility
Research: Scarab Damage, Reaver Capacity, Gravitic Drive


Allows Observers to be built at the Robotics Facility

Cost: 50/100
Hit Points: 250/250
Requirements: Robotics Facility
Research: Sensor Array, Gravitic Booster

Citadel Tech Path[edit]

This is a very common choice on ground maps, as Protoss ground units are far superior to other races' units, allowing greater versatility to the Zealot and bringing into play the Templar and Archon units.

Citadel of Adun[edit]

Allows the Templar Archives to be warped in.

Cost: 150/100
Hit Points: 450/450
Requirements: Cybernetics Core
Research: Leg Enhancement

Templar Archives[edit]

Allows both High and Dark Templar to be built at the Gateway.

Cost: 150/200
Hit Points: 500/500
Requirements: Citadel of Adun
Research: Psionic Storm, Hallucination, Khaydarin Amulet, Mind Control, Maelstrom, Argus Talisman

Stargate Tech Path[edit]

Stargate technology is one of the more rarely used pathways, used mainly on air maps or in the endgame for that extra punch.


The Stargate allows air units to be warped in.

Cost: 150/150
Hit Points: 600/600
Requirements: Cybernetics Core
Can Train: Scouts, Carriers and Arbiters

Fleet Beacon[edit]

The Fleet Beacon allows Carriers to be constructed, and allows Scouts, Carriers, and Corsairs to be upgraded.

Cost: 300/200
Hit Points: 500/500
Requirements: Stargate
Research: Apial Sensors, Gravitic Thrusters, Carrier Capacity, Disruption Web, Argus Jewel

Arbiter Tribunal[edit]

The Arbiter Tribunal allows Arbiters to be constructed and upgraded.

Cost: 200/150
Hit Points: 500/500
Requirements: Stargate, Templar Archives
Research: Recall, Stasis Field, Khaydarin Core