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Terran Starting Tactics[edit]

The first step to do as soon as the games starts is to build SCVs until the population is full then build a couple supply depots, at the same time build three barracks. As the Barracks are being built get some more SCV to get more minerals and start to get some gas. So as the barracks have been built start to get marines for defense around about 15-20. At the front of your base build a supply depot and an engineering bay next to each other(IF ONE WAY ENTRANCE)This blocks the way in and out of your base. Place your marines behind the engineering bay and the supply depot for defense and build two missile turrets so you can see invisible units. Build an army in your base and when you're ready to attack you can simply lift off the engineering bay to let your army out.

Siege Tank[edit]

File:Starcraft tanks.gif
Tank normal & siege mode in-game

Once you research Siege Tech, the Siege Tank has two roles: as some seriously heavy support (but slow firing) in its mobile form, and as a serious artillery piece in Siege mode. In Tank mode, they do a base 30 Explosive damage (upgrade to 30+9 =39): in Siege mode, they do a base 70 (upgradeable to 70+15= 85). In Siege mode, they gain not only this more than double damage, but a colossal range boost, making them a good static defense as well as support artillery for a mobile army. However, they cannot attack air units, and deal Explosive damage - which means that Small units only take 50% and Medium units only take 75%. Despite this, they are effective "mob killers", and in groups can slaughter whole armies of lesser ground units, particularly Zerglings, Hydralisks, and Terran infantry.

However, while Siege tanks do very good damage, three points should be noted: there are many strategies for neutralizing them - Dark Swarm, Disruption Web and Lockdown for starters; they fire slowly, doing splash damage to even friendly units, and they cannot attack air targets. If you rely on large numbers of tanks for defense only, you can easily blow up more of your own tanks than the enemy, and even a small amount of air units can take down the defenseless tanks.

  • Built at: Factory
  • Prerequisite: Attached Machine Shop
  • Cost: 150/100
  • Damage: 30E
  • HP: 150
  • Supply: 2
  • Range: 6
  • Build: 50

Siege Mode

  • Cost: 150/100
  • Damage: 70ES
  • HP: 150
  • Supply: 2
  • Range: 12 MINIMUM OF 2

The Tank Push[edit]

The Terran Tank push is one of the most dreaded strategies in the game. A regular tank push would consist of five or so tanks and marines inching forward and forward. A lot of the time, because of the tank's range, it won't get seen coming. However, this setup is very vulnerable to air counter-attack, especially by the mutalisk. The queen's spawn broodling is also a popular counter. However, the tank push can be complemented by goliaths with the air range upgrade, SCVs to repair and construct missile turrets (for detection and seeing backstabbers), science vessels for further detection, a moving Barracks, and wraiths for scouting and further air support.

Protoss Counters[edit]

  • Arbiters- Stasis field can disable all the air support or the tanks, leaving the other group totally helpless.
  • Carriers- This will work... but make sure you don't get bombarded by cloaked Wraiths. Also, upgraded Goliath range equals that of the carrier, so this is best as a last resort.
  • Shuttle + Zealots- This is only if the Terran has a high ratio of tanks and not enough goliaths, rush a shuttle and drop directly into the middle of the tanks, if the Terran was foolish enough to lay mines the mines will splash damage triggered by the zealots and kill their own units. Even if the Terran has lots of vultures these dropped zealots if timed will distract the shots of many tanks/vultures since they are within range of all units and give your main force a chance to get close with minimal damage.

Terran Counters[edit]

  • Siege Tanks- Smoke your enemy before they get close, a siege tank's sight is less than its range so use this to siege right outside their sight, then scan and they will get the first shot in. Easily countered by floating e-bays for extended sight range, but can be deployed by either side.

It is a game of rock, paper, scissors (Battlecruisers, tank golith) tank beats golith, golith beats battlecruisers and battlecruisers beats tank.

Zerg Counters[edit]

  • Use queens spawn broodling. The queen's spawn brooding has a range of 9, more than the goliath's (8). You have two choices-

A) Aim for the tank in the middle. The other tanks will fire at it, causing huge splash damage to nearby tanks.

B) Target the one on the way side. While only one tank takes splash damage, more tanks will be firing at the broodlings. If the broodlings don't die, all the better!

  • Flank the Tank positions. Typically zerg players will attempt to envelop the oncoming tank and marine formation from 2 or more sides, using hydralisks and zerglings to draw fire while Lurkers run in and burrow to slaughter the formation.
  • Guardians, if the Hive has been upgraded.
  • Dark Swarm over the tank positions. This will render the support units (marines, goliaths, etc.) useless, leaving the tanks vulnerable to zerglings and ultralisks. Dark swarm will not prevent the tank's splash damage while it is in siege mode.
  • Aim for the tanks on the side.

Lurker Killer[edit]

Just get a transport unit (e.g. Dropship, Shuttle, Overlord) and put a unit in it. Then go to the spot where the burrowed Lurker is and unload it exactly on top of the Lurker. This will kill ANY burrowed unit.

If that doesn't work, quickly get a Vulture and make a spider mine on top of the burrowed Lurker. The spider mine will instantly kill it, but the vulture will not be too likely to live after.


Vulture in-game

The Vulture is the base Factory unit, and, like a Marine, costs only Minerals, which is good for soaking up excess minerals that tend to build up in late game. Vultures with Ion Thrusters make truly incredible scouts, being the fastest units in the game, and if you're good, hit and run units - they even outrun Leg Enhanced zealots. Vultures do a base 20 Concussion damage against Ground units only, at 100% to Small, 50% to Medium and 25% to Large units. The vulture has the spider mine ability. Once researched, each vulture has 3 non-regenerating mines. Each mine burrows into the ground, and attacks incoming units that don't hover or fly. It deals 125 splash to ALL units (including your own). If mines are too closely packed however, all will attack the target, wasting many mines. Spider Mines are also useful for keeping an eye on things when used singly; as long as it is alive, you will see the immediate area around it, making it a good warning device and augmenting defense for attacks against your base.


  • Cost: 75/0
  • Damage: 20C
  • HP: 75
  • Supply: 2
  • Range: 5
  • Build: 28

Build Orders[edit]

Source: This build order archive was created by TwoTimer at

Build orders are designed to best thrust you into your midgame pump. They create a good mining economy, give you credible rushing chances, and prepare you to expand. Any map with patches normal distance away from the Nexus/CC/Hatchery can adapt these build orders as printed.

  • Pay attention to any special commands or building placement, both are also a part of a successful execution of a build order.
  • Any specific matchups the build can be used against are also included.
  • Any special map conditions will be noted (such as long distance between mains, air map, hybrid map). The default condition is ground map.
  • Please assume workers are being produced between any gaps in number in the build order (unless it specifically says not to make any workers).
  • Any special mining situations will be expressed (such as more than 9-patch mains).

These are a generic set of builds that might alter slightly per map. They are not all specifically designed to be used on Lost Temple. If you practice the build, make sure you do it on multiple maps so you can see the differences. Note that the supply numbers are approximate, they might vary slightly per map, especially the deeper you get into the build.

A note on vocabulary for newbies: "Expo" is short for "Expansion", i.e. a building near a resource pool outside your main base.

NOTE: The following builds were specifically made for maps apart from the fastest money maps.


Terran Double Rax MnM[edit]

Matchups: Terran vs Zerg, Multi.

Theory: This is a simple and common build done in most Terran vs Zerg games, and it is fine for multiplayer. The build can be done with or without a wall. You may also make a makeshift wall with the pair of Barracks. This build is not suggested for 1v1 vs a protoss other than a surprise, since protoss tech makes MnM difficult.


  • 9/10 - Depot (Scout when done)
  • 11/18 - Barracks
  • 13/18 - Barracks
  • 15/18 - Depot
  • Refinery
  • Depot

Pump marines out of both barracks as soon as they finish as supply allows. With your first bit of gas upgrade stim, and get a scanner for detection. Then you may start teching either straight for tanks.

It is also efficient to pump marines and SCV's until the supply count reaches 21 before building a Refinery in order to maintain better flow of resources and to better keep in pace with the mentality of ‘strength in numbers’ against the Zerg.

Terran Tri-Rax MnM Rush[edit]

Matchups: Tvz, Tvp (Deep 6), Multi

Theory: This build order is a specific extension of the Double Rax build. Here medics are delayed in favor of a third rax. Detection for cloaked rushes is supplied by an ebay built so a fast +1 attack can be upgraded. This is an attacking opening that allows terran to attack, while the double rax is more of a flexible build order where one can tech or expand quicker, and contain while they do so.


  • 9/10 - Depot (Scout when done)
  • 11/18 - Barracks
  • 13/18 - Barracks
  • 15/18 - Depot
  • Barracks
  • Refinery
  • Engineering Bay+Academy
  • +1 Attack

From here even though your medics were delayed a bit, your +1 attack is well on its way, you may attack even before medics arrive since you have extra marines. In Tvz normal is a quick tech to vessel, if zerg holds the rush, fall back to vessels and expansion (bunker here and there is nice), with tanks getting into the game after the first vessel pops out, unless you did significant damage and perhaps want to try and finish him off right there. In multiplayer, normally static detection is made and tanks are slowly mixed in, but vessels is another viable option (assumed that you are attacking with teammates that can cover the weakneses of Mnm). For Tvp, Deep 6 has its risks, and several other Barracks must be added while you expand. Remember, Reavers and Psi Storm can own terran infantry, beware of reavers and high templars.

Terran Proxy-Rax Marine Rush[edit]

Matchups: Tvp, Tvz, Tvt

Theory: This is a surprise build meant to rush a protoss or zerg before enough defense to hold it. If it fails, it's usually game over for terran. (Note, due to the recent patch changes, the barracks needs a depot before it can be build)


  • 6/10 - Make a depot hidden in your main.
  • 8/10 - Send two SCV to the middle of the map. Make sure they are not in any of the normal path scouting workers usually take.
  • 10/10 - Two barracks in middle of map.
  • 10/18 - Pump Marines from both barracks, SCV from the CC. Use the 2 scv that made the barracks to scout, and rush with them as well.

Against zerg who went fast expo (many of them will against a chosen terran) its GG for that expo without any micro at all. Against protoss without perfect micro by the protoss, it will do decent damage, if not win the game outright. Don't forget to use offensive bunkers if necessary.

Terran 3 Factory Vulture Rush[edit]

Matchups: Tvp, Multi

Theory: This build, especially custom built for Tvp has some multiplayer implications as well. Here the terran quickly builds up three factories with a pair of add-ons, get both vulture upgrades in a timely fashion, and rushes the protoss. In multiplayer this build can be used in conjunction with a partner going melee units (beware of muta however). The use of marines is optional, but factored into this build is use of a three-marine defense. Once again no wall is needed for this opening.


  • 9/10 - Depot
  • 11/18 - Barracks
  • 12/18 - Refinery (Scout with SCV)
  • 15/18 - Depot
  • 16/18 - Marine (Rally barracks to choke)
  • 18/26 - Factory, Marine
  • 20/26 - Factory, Marine
  • 22/26 - Machine Shop, Depot
  • 25/34 - Vulture, Speed upgrade (From this point build vultures as money allows from this factory, * * rally factory to choke)
  • 27/34 - Machine Shop
  • 30/34 - Depot
  • 32/34 - Factory, Mines upgrade (From this build build vultures as money allows from this factory, rally factory to choke)

From here rush and harass the protoss with the speed vults, mines will be finished momentarilly to aid you. You may invert the two upgrades to upgrade mines first, it will aid your fight against goons, however it will cut down on your harassment ability since the vultures will not be quite as fast. After the rush upgrade siege, pump a couple tanks and add an ebay then turrets while you expand.

Terran Gundam Rush[edit]

Matchups: Tvp

Theory: This is a build designed to rush the protoss with marines and mines, with siege soon to come. Even though dragoons do well against marines and vultures, their damage type (explosive) allows this rush to occur. The marines are used as distract fire giving vultures time to plant mines around and behind the goons. SCV's are brought along to make a bunker for early tank protection and later on turrets. The barracks floating towards the enemy main is for upland scouting, and from time to time extra marine production on-site. Scouting is a little later than normal to allow cash for timely production of at least four marines. Below is a build order that allows for 5 marines in the rush (copied from V-Gundam himself).


  • 9/10 - Depot
  • 11/18 - Barracks
  • 12/18 - Refinery
  • 15/18 - Depot
  • 16/18 - Marine (Scout with SCV, rally barracks to choke)
  • 18/26 - Factory
  • 19/26 - Marine
  • 21/26 - Marine
  • 22/26 - Factory, Marine
  • 23/26 - Machine Shop, Depot, Marine
  • 25/34 - Tank, Vulture, Mines Upgrade (Float Barracks toward enemy main, rally factories to choke)
  • 30/34 - Depot, Siege Mode Upgrade when mines complete

In this build, the later you scout, the more marines you can fit in before the tank and vulture emerge. You can fit up to 6 marines actually.

As soon as your tank and vulture appear, rush with that force and 2-3 SCV toward the protoss choke, using focus fire on any goons. Rally your two factories to his choke, and continue making tanks out of one and vultures out of the other. As soon as you get there, make a bunker for your marines to set up a contain. If goons try to break it before the bunker is complete, use the marines and focus fire, while sending the vults to plant mines next to the goons, thus driving them back. Siege mode will finish momentarily, and the barracks will arrive for high ground and advanced vision. If no high ground, you could land it and continue marine production. Back in your main, continue sending the units from the facts, leave your 3rd tank behind and make an ebay, then turrets for defense. Too many times a gundam rusher gets carried away and loses their eco to reavers. Once the ebay is up, you can commence pushing in, with each tank that arrives from the main. Last but not least, be sure to expand in a timely fashion.

Terran 1 Fast Expo[edit]

Matchups: Tvp, Tvt

Theory: This build can be done with or without marine defense. Marine defense will slow the command center, but those marines will serve well, especially in Tvp games. Anyway, this is an opening that allows for a quick capture of the natural, and the few tanks that are pumped while the CC builds in conjunction with turrets and siege mode are sufficient defense to allow expansion. A wall is very helpful with this build in Tvp, but within the marine defense sub-opening, walling is not necessary. In Tvt this build is playable but risky on some maps.


  • 9/10 - Depot (Scout if random)
  • 11/18 - Barracks
  • 12/18 - Refinery (Scout if you haven't already)
  • 15/18 - Depot
  • 16/18 - Marine
  • 18/26 - Factory

The build now diverges...

With Marine Defense:

  • 19/26 - Marine
  • 21/26 - Marine
  • 23/26 - Machine Shop, Marine1
  • 24/26 - Depot
  • 26/34 - Tank
  • 28/34 - Siege Mode Upgrade, Command Center

14th marine is optional

From here as money allows continue pumping tank from the 1 factory, add an engineering bay then a 2nd factory. Secure your expansion with well placed turrets and even a bunker, then you can add 2-4 facts and continue on with standard massing with Tvp (adding mines and speed upgrade) or Tvt (armory and starport). If you have a ledge above your natural, make sure to float the rax over so siege tanks below can have vision. To finish up, get your academy up and get a pair of scanners.

Without Marine Defense:

  • 21/26 - Machine Shop
  • 23/26 - Command Center
  • 24/26 - Tank
  • 26/26 - Depot, Siege Mode Upgrade
  • 27/34 - Tank
  • 29/34 - Engineering Bay

From here add a fact as soon as money allows, and continue pumping tanks from the one factory. Secure your expansion with well placed turrets, then you can add 2-4 facts and continue on with standard massing with Tvp (adding mines and speed upgrade) or Tvt (armory and starport) If you have a ledge above your natural, make sure to float the rax over to siege tanks below can have vision. To finish up, get an academy and add on a pair of scanners.

Terran 2 Fact Mech Build[edit]

Matchups: Tvp, Tvt, Hybrid, Air, Multi

Theory: This is a general, flexible metal build that opens with two factories. You can make vultures or tanks to start, leaves room for marines and can be done in Tvp, Tvt, Air, Hybrid, and in Multiplayer games as well (no marines for air or hybrid maps of course). It is so flexible that economy can be sacrificed to have the second factory start sooner. You can go with one, two or no machine shops, and can easily add an armory for goliaths in Tvt. This is the foundation build for terran mech, most other specialized builds started from this point and were then tweaked to maximize their effectiveness.


  • 9/10 - Depot
  • 11/18 - Barracks (Scout with SCV)
  • 12/18 - Refinery
  • 15/18 - Depot
  • 16/18 - Marine1
  • 18/26 - Factory
  • 20/26 - Factory²

1Optional, you can fit in this marine anywhere during the build as long as supply allows for it. If you make this marine, keep it behind the wall.

²You can hold SCV production until you have another 100 gas for the 2nd fact (and be sure you have 200 mins for it)

There are many little variations to this build. The marine can be build before, during, or after the first factory. You can temporarilly halt SCV production so you can fit in the 2nd factory just a bit sooner. After the first factory is completed, you will have money to continue teching to starport (common in Tvt, mandatory for air and hybrid maps), armory (also common in Tvt), or you can just attach a shop or two and go tanks and vultures. To micro the marine in Tvp against a goon rush, address the goon, then move back and watch the glorious goon dance that will result, buying precious seconds for your tank. In close locations, make sure you make more than one marine just to be safe. More specific builds for fast goliaths and 2 fact starport can be found elsewhere in this archive.

Terran Goliath Build / Goliath Drop[edit]

Matchups: Tvt, Air, Hybrid

Theory: This build utilizes the anti-air powers of the versatile goliath for opening on air and hybrid maps. Arguably, the only reason these pair of openings are viable is because four goliaths can fit in a dropship.


  • 9/10 - Depot
  • 11/18 - Barracks (Scout if ground map)
  • 12/18 - Refinery
  • 15/18 - Depot
  • 16/18 - Marine1
  • 18/26 - Factory²
  • 20/26 - Factory

1The marine is unnecessary for air and hybrid maps.

²You may (optional) float the barracks toward the enemy base at this time. On air and hybrid maps the barracks will be your primary scouting unit, so build it at the edge of your island toward the first place you want to scout.

The build now diverges:

Goliath Build (Tvt):

  • 22/26 - Armory, Machine Shop
  • 23/26 - Depot
  • 24/26 - Vulture

Once your depot finishes, the vulture should have completed, as well as the armory, and you may begin pumping goliaths. From here you can throw up an ebay for turrets and start an expansion. Very soon after you will need a starport so you can drop on tank pushes. You have the added option of pumping goliaths from one factory, and tanks from the other, with siege soon to come. Up to you though.

Goliath Drop (Tvt, Air, Hybrid):

  • 21/26 - Starport, Armory, Machine Shop
  • 23/26 - Depot
  • 25/34 - Control Tower, Charon Boosters³
  • 2 Goliaths³
  • Depot, Dropship
  • 2 Goliaths

³You may substitute the siege mod upgrade and a tank here.

Once the 4 goliaths and dropship are already, your barracks should have found your enemy, or you will be able to deduce where the opposing base is at based on elimination of scouted, empty mains. From here you may continue goliath production, start up an ebay for detection, and begin a command center so you can expand.

Terran 1 Fast-Port Build / Wraith Rush[edit]

Matchups: Tvt, Tvp, Tvz, Air, Hybrid

Theory: This is a fine, versatile build that can be done on almost any map with a choke. It has great usefulness, taking the form of a wraith rush (with or without 2nd Starport) in Tvz, and alternating as a double tank drop (with siege mode) for harassment in Tvt, Tvp, as well as on air or hybrid maps.


  • 9/10 - Depot
  • 11/18 - Barracks (Scout if ground map)
  • 12/18 - Refinery
  • 15/18 - Depot
  • 16/18 - Marine (exclude on air/hybrid maps)
  • 18/26 - Factory

The build now diverges:

Fast Drop Build (Tvt, Tvp, Air, Hybrid):

  • 19/26 - Marine1
  • 21/26 - Marine1
  • 23/26 - Starport, Machine Shop, Marine1
  • 24/26 - Depot
  • 26/34 - Tank
  • 28/34 - Siege Mode Upgrade, Control Tower
  • Tank, Engineering Bay
  • Dropship

1These marines are needed for defense in Tvp. If there is a ramp, rally the barracks to the ramp.

Once your dropship comes out, you may harass his economy. From here you can set up for expansion (most common) by starting a command center, or add an extra factory. Either way begin to secure yourself with detecting turrets. You may drop a second time if you got good eco rape in the first time.

1 Port Wraith Rush (Tvz):

  • 19/26 - Marine
  • 21/26 - Marine
  • 23/26 - Starport, Marine
  • 24/26 - Depot
  • 25/26 - Marine, Academy
  • Wraith, Barracks
  • Control Tower, Science Facility

Continue making marines from your one rax as money and supply allows throughout the build. Harass his overlords with your wraith while adding a control tower to enable dropships. If you spot spire morphing, get an engineering bay and turrets. Be sure to repair your damaged wraiths to prolong their life and harassment opportunities. From here add barracks and get a science facility for vessels and expand. Do not forget to make depots as needed.

2 Port Wraith Rush (Tvz):

  • 19/26 - Marine
  • 21/26 - Marine
  • 23/26 - 2 Starports
  • 24/26 - Depot, Marine
  • Control Tower, Wraith, Academy
  • Wraith, Wraith, Cloak Upgrade
  • Barracks, Engineering Bay
  • Science Facility

Continue to make marines from your one rax as money and supply allows throughout the build. Harass his overlords with wraith while you build your academy. You can slow a lurker push or hydra counter with cloak. The cloak will come in handy if he goes spire for scourge and/or muta. Add extra barracks and engineering bay while you prepare vessels and expansion with the facility.

2 Port Wraith Rush (Tvt):

  • 21/26 - 2 Starports, Vulture
  • 23/26 - Vulture, Depot
  • 26/34 - Wraith, Control Tower, Engineering Bay
  • Cloak Upgrade

Harass with your wraiths in places where your opponent does not have turrets, only cloak when anti-air arrives. After this harass stage prepare expansion by adding your command center and machine shop for tanks. Armory will be soon to follow.


Missile Turret[edit]

The Missile Turret is very cheap building, as it costs only 75 minerals. It can protect against most air units except the advanced air units such as Guardian, Battlecruiser, and Carrier. This building should have some protection from ground attacks; tanks or bunkers work well. Because of their very cheap cost and ability to protect units from air attacks, the turret is also good in protecting the assault unit in front-line too. It is also very useful to detect cloaked and burrowed units enabling defense against Dark Templars and Lurkers.

Siege Tank[edit]

Siege Tanks can be extremely effective in augmenting your defense. In Siege Mode, they deal 70 points of splash damage (more if upgraded), and when placed around your base perimeter are very effective at stopping whole waves of enemies. Siege Tanks are essentially stationary defenses that can be repositioned if necessary. The best way to use Siege Tanks for defense is to place them on high ground near the entrances to your base. A group of 4 to 6 Siege Tanks can stop whole armies in this way. Be sure not to use Siege Tanks exclusively for defense, as they have no attack against air units, meaning a Siege Tank-only defense is screwed if they build even a small number of air units.

Bunker Rush[edit]

If you heavely rely on defense or very desperate as your main base is destroyed, this is how you defend. Build 4-8 barracks and make sure you have a lot of SCVs. With your surplus of money and SCVs building numerous bunkers that block the entrance to your camp and all barracks builing marines or ghosts, though if you intend to build ghosts, it is best to place them in the back. Build up to 5-10 bunkers full of marines and(optional) ghosts, you are perfectly safe to build up on your base. It is best to back it up with Missile Turrets and multiply not-in-bunker marines to get rid of any siege tanks early before they attack you. Beware of drops though from the side you are not defending, so if you are on elevated ground and rich enough, build bunkers with ghosts on the sides of your border. It is also effective if you back it up with Missile Turrets. If you use Missile Turrets only, you are done for if you leak. This is a risky stratagy and requires a lot of luck if your opponents find you. This can possibly be destroyed by siege tanks, so build many excess marines for more back up.


The Terran tech is quite simple in terms of build order, but looking deeper, there is room for movement.

The first building should be the barracks, allowing for the advanced tree and a different section for the basic tree. After Barracks, base your tech on your enemy's species. Either way, build an early refinery. Against Zerg, build academy, followed by immediate Stim research, U-238 and Medic energy upgrade. Later, restoration and optical flare are highly recommended. (for use against parasite, ensnare, and plague, and for blinding overlords for wraith use) Remember to build a comsat station, to spot lurkers and for scouting; terran has no reliable scout. This is the infantry tech.

Against the other two species, go metal. After barracks, make factory followed by shop. You will need to use tech tree, because spider mines, tanks, reavers, and dark templar can kill even large amounts of infantry. After shop, research siege tech, then mines, then vulture speed, then charon boosters (this actually has higher priority than speed upgrade). Make a tank immediately. This need is much more evident in tvp. You need tanks because they deal a total of 70 explosive, and full damage is always dealt to shields. Mines are important against zealots and dragoons, and ion thrusters because you will need it to make hit and run attacks against speedlots. Academy is recommended only for comsat.

Against a combination of protoss and zerg, build firebats and medics, or tanks with marine support.

Build a Starport for two reasons, access to air units, and access to the science facility, needed for second level upgrades. Build a control tower, as only the wraith can be built without one, and wraiths are almost useless without cloak. Research cloak; energy is only useful AFTER cloak. After tower, either choose to use dropship for drops and wraiths with eventual cloaking.