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Zerg Mission 1: Vile Disruption
Location Tarsonis
Special Units
  • Hunter Killer (enhanced Hydralisk)
New Units None
New Enemy Units None
  1. Rescue all Hives from destruction.
The newly controlled Overmind was brought to Kerrigan's attention, and she seeks help from Raynor and Fenix. Duran informs Kerrigan that the Psi Disruptor's signal had reached all the way to Tarsonis and that many of Kerrigan's own minions are fighting each other. Having been left a small number of minions still under Kerrigan's control, you have been ordered to secure the hive clusters from the affected Zerg.


You begin with 6 Hunter Killers and 2 Zerglings. Keyset both groups and lead with the Hunter Killers. Even if you rescue a hive, there is unfortunately nothing you can morph into with your Larvae. It is important to know what units you are limited to in this map.

There are seven hives for you to rescue before the renegade Zerg destroys them. Each hive will give you reinforcements that you will add to your group. Before your guys can reach them, each hive will be attacked by Orange and Brown. The good news, however, is that the computers will also attack each other, and the game will let you know when each hive cluster is getting attacked.

New Units[edit]

The first hive cluster will give you 6 Zerglings. Try to save as many Zerglings as you can, as they will come in handy later.

The second hive cluster, which is to the east will give you 4 Hydralisks. You can group them along with your Hunter Killers if you wish, as your Hydralisks are speed upgraded (but not attack range upgraded, though).

The third hive cluster to the south will give you 10 Scourges, which you can use against the Guardians destroying your Sunken Colony.

The fourth hive cluster to the southwest will give you 6 Zerglings and 6 Hydralisks. You will need these reinforcements to take out the attackers.

The fifth hive cluster to the northwest will give you four Queens, which you should use to Spawn Broodlings on the Ultralisks.

The sixth hive cluster to the south will give you 2 Defilers and the Nydus Canals that take you to and fro the island with the last hive cluster. Use Dark Swarm on your units against Mutalisk attacks.

The last hive cluster to the east through the Nydus Canals is protected by an enormous enemy force. Just run straight to it with all your units, as when you rescue it, you will get lots of backup force. To be specific, you get 21 Hydralisks and 6 Hunter Killers (you can't possibly lose now!). Once you clean up all the Renegade Zerg units in the area, victory is yours.