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Although hero units cannot be produced like others, build costs are included to show repair costs.


Jim Raynor (Marine)[edit]

Build Cost: 50/0

Supply: 0

HP: 200

Shield: N/A

Starting Armor: 3

Unit types: Ground, biological, small

Ground/Air Attack: Gauss Rifle

18 normal damage
5 range
15 cooldown

Sight Range: 7

Special Ability: StimPack

This is an excellent infantry unit, having five times more HP than a normal Marine. He is playable in one campaign mission and of course available for Campaign Editor.

Jim Raynor (Vulture)[edit]

Build cost: 150/0

Supply: 0

HP: 300

Shield: N/A

Starting Armor: 3

Unit types: Ground, mechanical, medium

Ground Attack: Fragmentation grenades

30 concussive damage
5 range
22 cooldown

Air Attack: None

Sight Range: 8

Special Ability: Spider Mines

Still a great unit, but its weakness is that it's a Vulture: it can't attack air units! Very good at hit-and-run missions and disrupting enemy resource gathering. He is playable in five Terran missions and one Protoss mission.

Gui Montag (Firebat)[edit]

Build Cost: 100/50

Supply: 0

HP: 160

Shield: N/A

Starting Armor: 3

Type: ground, biological, small

Ground Attack: Flamethrower

32 concussive splash damage
1 range
30 cooldown

Air Attack: None

Sight Range: 7

Special Abilities: Stim Pack

Simply an enhanced Firebat. This unit is good for using Stimpacks with because of its high HP, and deals a lot of damage. Available for Campaign Editor only.

Sarah Kerrigan (Ghost)[edit]

Build cost: 50/150

Supply: 0

HP: 250

Shield: N/A

Starting Armor: 3

Type: ground, biological, small

Ground Attack: C-10 Canister Rifle

30 concussive damage
6 range
22 cooldown

Air Attack: C-10 Canister Rifle

30 concussive damage
6 range
22 cooldown

Sight Range: 11

Special Abilities: Cloak, Lockdown

She is one of the main characters of the game, and her playable Terran version is a Ghost. While she does not have one of the abilities of normal Ghosts (Nuclear Strike), she is still a great unit with the abilities to Cloak and Lockdown enemy units, and enough energy to do them many times over.

Edmund Duke (Siege Tank)[edit]

  • HP: 400
  • Armor: 3

While not overly impressive, considering how he has been downgraded from his Battlecruiser, Edmund is still a mighty foe. He has 3 armor, 250 more HP than a typical tank, and he deals more than double the damage of a tank.

This unit is only available in certain Terran missions that have been deleted from the main story, in the precursor Campaign, and through custom maps made with staredit.

Alan Schezar (Goliath)[edit]

Tom Kazansky (Wraith)[edit]

Magellan (Science Vessel)[edit]

Hyperion (Battlecruiser)[edit]

Probably one of the best hero units in the game. This thing possesses superior firepower compared with normal Battlecruisers, has high health points, heavy armor and is armed with the Yamato Gun special ability.

This unit is only seen in Episode 3 and Episode 5.

Norad II (Battlecruiser)[edit]

Like the Hyperion, this Battlecruiser is perhaps the most versatile Hero in the game. Armed with an attack of 50, health of 700 and a Yamato Cannon, this unit is a strong ship compared to the Hyperion.

Norad III (Battlecruiser)[edit]

This unit has an armor of 5, attack power of 50 and health points of 1500, allowing it to devastate any enemy that stands in its way. This hero unit can only be found in True Colors of the Zerg Campaign.


Hunter Killer (Hydralisk)[edit]

Basically a super powered version of the Hydralisk. These units have an attack of 20, a health of 160 and they move pretty fast. Large numbers of these units will defeat an entire army of Protoss and Terrans, so focus on destroying the Hunter Killers if the enemy has one.

Kerrigan (Infested Terran)[edit]

Unlike normal Infested Terrans, this unit is a powerful melee attacker instead of a suicide one. This unit has the ensnare special ability, the consume special ability, the Ghosts Personal Cloaking ability and the High Templars Psionic Storm ability, making this unit very versatile and powerful against certain enemies.

Devouring One[edit]

A super powered up version of the Zergling. This attacker does 10 points of damage, can survive more hits than a regular Zergling and is already upgraded with all upgrades available.

Unclean One[edit]



This hero is basically a super version of the Ultralisk. Its attack does 50 points of damage to any ground unit, has a health of 800 and it has tough armor to shrug off most attacks. This Ultralisk should be the first target on your list, because it will wreck havoc on your forces if left alone.


Tassadar (High Templar)[edit]

Unlike regular High Templars this hero unit has an attack of its own in addition to its special abilities. This unit cannot merge into an Archon but it retains its Psionic Storm and Hallucination abilities.

Zeratul (Dark Templar)[edit]

Similar to the normal Dark Templar, Zeratul is permanently cloaked. He inflicts 100 damage from his melee attack, and has 60 health, 400 shield. Zeratul has same movement speed with a zealot without leg enhancement upgraded.

Ganthritor (Tassadar)[edit]

Very powerful and well-armored carrier which is equipped with the Intereceptor Max upgrade. This carrier only appears in the final Protoss mission of Episode 3.

Although Ganthritor has overpowered Hit point and shield, unlike the other heroes, those interceptors built by this carrier has same status just like other none-heroic carrier which means there is no improvement in firepower.

Fenix (Zealot)[edit]

Very powerful Zealot with 240 shields and HP. Especially effective against Zerglings. Equipped with the Leg Enhancements upgrade.

Fenix (Dragoon)[edit]

In missions where this hero unit is usable, it is a super version of the normal Dragoon, and in True Colors of the Zerg Campaign, this unit has an attack of 60 for all targets, is armed with 800 shields and health points, and has heavy armor. In earlier missions, Fenix has 240 hit point, 240 Shield point, 45 Damage.

Mojo (Scout)[edit]

  • HP: 400
  • Shields: 400
  • ATA damage: 56 (28x2)
  • ATS damage: 20

A more powerful version of the Protoss Scout. Is rarely seen in gameplay, except in ENSLAVER Campaign game modes. A stalwart unit; utilize in wiping out enemy air units with Corsair/Scout backup. This unit is the strongest ATA unit in original game.


  • HP:
  • Shields:
  • Damage:

Warbringer is a Hero variant of a regular Reaver. It does not feature more powerful attacks and still requires you to recharge its inventory of Scarabs after every assault. It is a potent tool for wiping out mass amounts of enemy units.

Notable differences between Warbringer and Reavers

There is a ~1 second delay when a reaver is unloaded from shuttle/dropship/overlord before it can a scarab. However Warbringer shoots out his first scarab after unload with almost no delay. So Warbringer is actually easier to do "reaver arcade" then original reaver. This difference between a normal reaver and Warbringer is caused by a patch used to balance various units that occurred in the original StarCraft.


The hero version of an arbiter. This unit has appearance in SC1 campaign "Enslavers" after player decided to rescue imprisoned Protoss heroes.(Mojo,Danimoth,Warbringer) Like the rest of Protoss heroes this unit has a very high hit points. However, fire rate and damage is very low, making this unit remarkably useless in firepower.

Dark Templar (Hero)[edit]

This is a unique unit in the original StarCraft game, but in Brood War they can be deployed from the Gateway. They move slower than a regular Dark Templar that you can build.


Powerful scout.