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Godfather gravesituation 01.png

No Sicilian can refuse a request on his daughter's wedding day - and so the time arrives when Bonasera's request must be honored and his daughter avenged...

Paulie Gatto - A Corleone 'made man' working for Capo Pete Clemenza

Marty 'Monk' Malone - Irish-Italian wise guy with the Corleones

  • Respect: +2,500
  • Money: $1,500
  • 1 Moneybag: $2,000
Go to the back of the graveyard to find the bonus moneybag

Paulie and Marty "Monk" Malone will inform you that some punks beat up the undertaker's daughter and tell you to do the same to them. Follow Paulie and Monk and crouch down when they tell you to. When you get the college kids in your sights, run up to them. They'll run from you. Ignore the one in the blue shirt and chase the one with the red shirt into the graveyard. Before you do any fighting, run to the opposite corner of the graveyard and you'll find the hidden bonus moneybag there.

This guy should've stuck to studying

Then come back and beat up the kid in the red shirt. Follow the on-screen instructions to learn some new fighting moves. You're under orders not to kill, but don't worry about that, the game won't let you. You actually need to beat the kid until his health is gone. Once you do that, you will have completed the mission.

Talk to Monk. He will tell you to meet Luca at Bowery St. Go there to start the next mission.