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Tony Bianchi is a Tattaglia Capo, and was a close friend of Marinelli. Bianchi's men are loyal and dangerous, so get rid of him before he plans his revenge. The Corleones have arranged a stay in a local brothel - sneak in, and avoid the guards.

  • Reward: $500 +1,500 Respect
  • Bonus Condition: Use a garrote
  • Bonus Reward: $2,500 +7,500 Respect
Take out Bianchi's guards with a garrote
Treat Bianchi with the same respect

Go to the third floor of the St. Sebastian hotel. Take out your garrote wire, crouch down, and sneak up the stairs to the fourth floor. At the top of the stairs will be a Tattaglia guard. Strangle him with the garrote. Then go through the left door ahead, sneak up behind the Tattaglia conveniently admiring the wallpaper, and strangle him with the garrote as well. Then turn left, go through that door, sneak up behind Bianchi, and use the garrote on him.