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Domenico Mazza is the Barzini Consigliere. He is independently wealthy, but deeply paranoid, and is using his money to finance an army of bodyguards. Taking on Domenico alone will be dangerous, so hire a crew member to help you out.

  • Reward: $10,000 +9,000 Respect
  • Bonus Condition: Let a crew member kill Domenico in a drive-by
  • Bonus Reward: $50,000 +45,000 Respect
It's much easier to approach from the north, but hey, whatever tickles your pickle
Park to the left of Mazza and let your crewman do the rest of the work

First, hire the best crewman you can. Then, steal a tough vehicle such as a pickup or van. Then drive to the north of the park Mazza is in. Drive into the park and ignore Mazza's men firing at you. Just drive right up to Mazza - to the left of him actually - and let your partner blast him away.

Special note: It's highly recommended you choose the bodyguard who is at least one level below you if you've finished all the main missions because the top most bodyguard will be carrying a machine gun (or a tommy gun if you're talking 1940's). If you aren't sure about your choices, one below the top carries a shotgun, below is a magnum and the bottom most carries a pistol.