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Johnny Tattaglia is the family's Underboss. With their Consigliere dead, Johnny has been exerting more influence in the family, and he is busy plotting a Corleone blood-bath. Stop him before he puts his plans into motion!

  • Reward: $4,000 +4,000 Respect
  • Bonus Condition: Kill Johnny by throwing a bottle
  • Bonus Reward: $20,000 +40,000 Respect
Control selector Select controller:
Xbox/Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii
Park across the street and take out Johnny's men
Shoot Johnny in the knee then beat the living hell out of him

Drive up in front of the nook where Johnny and his goons are at. Use the car for cover as you take out the goons. Then go up to Johnny, kneecap him, then beat him as much as you can without killing him.

Kill Johnny by throwing a bottle to complete the hit

Then grab a nearby bottle, hold LT button to target him, and press RT button to throw the bottle at him. This takes out such little health, that even with his health low in the first place, you may have to repeat it several times before he dies.