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Giovanni Armanno runs Barzini's operations in Sicily. He's in town for business, and kidnapped an FBI agent who threatened Giovanni's men with extradition to the United States. The Corleones can profit from the FBI's case against the Barzinis, so don't kill the agent.

  • Reward: $5,000 +6,000 Respect
  • Bonus Condition: Defeat Giovanni and his men without killing the FBI agent
  • Bonus Reward: $25,000 +30,000 Respect
Take cover next to the entrance and kill the Barzinis from there
Take cover behind the wall at the bottom of the steps

Go to the church where Armanno is holding the agent. Go through the front doors, then take cover beside the next set of doors. Open them and take out the three Barzinis inside. Then go in, but turn right immediately, and take cover to the right of the door you see ahead. Open it and blast the Barzini on the other side. Then run down the steps and take cover on the wall to the right. Shoot and kill the enemies down the hall.

You should kill this guy, even if it is from a difficult angle
Kill Armanno with a headshot

Then go down the hall into a large room. Proceed forward to the entranceway on the other side of the room but watch out for the Barzini past that and to the right. Kill him, then go to where he was, but take cover on the wall to the left, to the right of the doorway. Around the corner is Armanno with a gun to the agent's head. Shoot Armanno in the head.