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Nicolas Klaus is a business partner of the Cuneos. He's known for his brutal tactics, heavy drinking, and eagle-eyed bodyguards. They can spot a weapon from a block away, so make sure to play it safe by keeping your firearms concealed at the party.

  • Reward: $5,000 +6,000 Respect
  • Bonus Condition: Use a bare-handed strangle
  • Bonus Reward: $25,000 +30,000 Respect
Simply walk right up to Klaus and strangle him to death

Drive to the party Klaus is at in Jersey. Then simply walk casually up to him with your weapons concealed. He will be drunk as a fish. Grab him and strangle him to death. You'll get shot at as you are doing so, but there is a health bottle just a few steps away that you can grab after Klaus is dead. Plus, at that point, you can draw a weapon and defend yourself with firepower.

Special note: You shouldn't play this mission during a "Mob War" as it will ruin your chance of strangling Klaus without getting distracted. Also, do not call your squad or hire a bodyguard as they will automatically attack their opponents.