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There will be a Tattaglia right at the front entrance, but his back will be turned, so you can use the garrote if you feel like being stealthy. Then go forward a little and look up. There will be a couple Tattaglias on the landing above you. Kill them, then turn to the left. Kill the enemies in the large doorway and the one upstairs. Then go through the large doorway into the kitchen, turn left, and kill the Tattaglia there.

As soon as you enter the first big room, watch out for enemies above
Be careful of the Tattaglia in the kitchen

Then turn around and go up the stairs to the second floor where you will find the hidden moneybags. Then go back downstairs into the kitchen and turn right. Take cover to the left of the doorway ahead and kill the Tattaglia in the next room. Then go into the room. When you do, the door in the opposite corner will explode open and an enemy will barge in the room. Kill him, then plant the bomb and run out the door.

Go upstairs to find the hidden moneybags
Kill this guy, plant the bomb, and go right out the door