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With the death of Don Vito the Corleones appear weak. Tessio approaches Michael with a deal from Barzini as the old Don predicted: the one with the deal would be the traitor...

Tessio - Scheming for his future as the Family weakens

  • Respect: +80,000
  • Money: $50,000
  • 1 Moneybag: $10,000
As soon as these guys appear down the hall, take off to the right
Take out the enemy behind the bar

Follow Willie and Tessio into the club. When people start shooting from ahead, run off immediately to the right. There will be an enemy down that hall and just to the left, so be careful, and take him out. Then crouch down and kill the enemy behind the bar.

The guy on the right didn't even see it comin'

Then run across the room to the double doors. Crouch down, open the doors, then immediately turn left as you go out, and kill the guys ahead.

Break this crate to reveal the bonus moneybag

Then turn around and go down the elevator. Go out of the elevator and to the door. Kill the two Barzinis in the next room and collect the health. Then go to the next door, crouch down, and go inside. Kill the enemy hiding behind the table and the counterfeiting machines. Bust the crate in the corner to the right to collect the hidden bonus moneybag.

Kill the guy at the entrance to the bar
Finish off Sal Tessio

Now go through the next door and take cover behind the wall to the right. Kill the Barzini that's just around the corner. Now go down the hall, turn left, and go up the stairs. Take cover to the left of the doorway, then kill the enemy beyond it. Go down the hall and up the small set of steps and kill the guy in the doorway. Then go into the room and kill the other two Barzinis there. Tessio will come out of his hiding spot and plead with you. Kill him and the mission will be complete.

Go outside and talk to the guy in black. He'll tell you that Michael will probably be calling you soon. It actually takes a while before he calls, so go ahead and take care of whatever other business you want to take care of. When you do get the call, Michael will tell you to meet Fredo at the Peak Hotel in Midtown and to bring dynamite. Purchase some dynamite if you don't already have some, then go to the Peak Hotel. Go up to the third floor and talk to the guy in the blue circle. This will start the next mission.